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We all know the saying that a picture says a thousand words. Video takes those words one step further by making them real and memorable. In the world of Web 2.0 people want information in bite-sized chunks. Video is a perfect medium for establishing your visual identity on the web and delivering your personal brand clearly and concisely. Only a couple years ago using video was considered going beyond what was expected in personal branding. Today it is the norm. Consider this fact. In July 2011, ComScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, reported that 180 million Internet users in the US alone watched online video content. This averages almost 19 hours per viewer in a single month!

That same number of internet users are definitely not reading personal bios on the ‘About’ pages of websites. Michael Margolis, founder of Get Storied, talks about the need for a “new about me” which tells your story. Most ‘About’ pages have become cookie cutter templates of the same standard information. Viewers typically gloss over this or worse yet never read it. As Michael says –

“Your story is your brand. You have to get others to believe and identify with your story. When you can do that — the need to persuade, convince, or sell disappears.”

Capturing Your Personal Brand on Video

I agree with Michael and add that your story must also be captured on video. A video ‘about me’ stands out and differentiates you, which is the essence of personal branding. Given the choice of reading a 3-4 paragraph bio or watching a video bio, most people are likely to choose the latter. If done right your video will complement your written bio and be memorable.

Just like having a professional headshot is important, a professionally produced video bio will stand out and get you noticed. A great resource is VideoBIO who are fast becoming the industry leader in video bio production. With their distance record option you can even have a professionally scripted, recorded, and edited video bio produced while in the comfort of your own home. I did my own VideoBIO sitting in Japan with my producer in Canada.



Of course using video for your personal branding campaign goes far beyond a video bio. Kimberly Bordonaro offers 17 creative ways to promote your personal brand through video including how-tos, demos, testimonials, and vlogs. (Perhaps this blog post should have been a vlog!). Having a menu of video options to capture your personal brand is a great idea, but always remember the three C’s of personal branding in your videos – clarity, consistency, and constancy – or your message will be off-brand.


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