Personal Branding with a Spin Video – Be Your Brand

Here is a new Personal Branding with a Spin video tip discussing Stage 3 of the BeYB personal branding process – Be Your Brand.

Stages 1 & 2 have a finite end point, a “finish line” if you will. In Stage 1 you cross the finish line once you establish a firm belief in your brand. In Stage 2 shifting gears and completing each action item enables you to become your brand and finish the stage.

Stage 3 is less about a race and more about staying in the zone. Elite cyclists talk a lot about being in the zone, that elusive place where mind and body work in perfect sync and everything flows without conscious effort.   Stage 3 is all about staying in the zone to be your brand.  This includes managing your brand environment, and ‘living in the inquiry’ to know when you are off-brand so that you can get back on-brand.

Stage 3: Be Your Brand – Managing Your Brand Environment and ‘Living in the Inquiry’ 

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Peter Sterlacci Peter Sterlacci is known as “Japan’s personal branding pioneer.” In a country where fitting-in is the norm, Peter’s mission is to pioneer a ‘cultural shift’ by helping Japanese to stand out in a global environment. An avid cyclist, he combines cycling imagery with personal branding strategy to empower his clients to shift gears and sprint to career success. Follow Peter on Google+