Video Interview: How to Build Your Brand

I had the pleasure of Jorgen Sundberg interviewing me about personal branding, cultural differences in Japan and the US, how to use social media and LinkedIn for Japanese, what the common branding pitfalls are, and my best 3 tips to personal branding.


Jorgen Sundberg is a Social Media trainer and consultant specializing in LinkedIn, online branding and recruitment. He is the founder and director of Link Humans, a Social Media consultancy based in London and Paris. Jorgen is a prolific blogger, he started The Undercover Recruiter blog in 2009 and it’s now the most popular career and recruitment blog in the UK with 75,000 readers per month.  He also runs three cool meetups in London – the main one being Social Media London.

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Video: Personal Branding Myths in Japan – Part 3

This video is the third in a 4-part series covering personal branding myths I have encountered in Japan and how I work with my Japanese clients to ‘bust’ these myths to embrace the power of their personal brands!  Let me know what you think and share your comments below.

Myth #3:  Just work hard and you will be naturally rewarded!



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