‘Personal Branding Mechanics’ Video Interview: Dr. Thomas J. Buckholtz

As a cyclist I learn a lot from mechanics about how to repair, adjust, or build my bicycles.  I have also met some amazing people in my work who I feel are ‘mechanics’ of personal branding – people who use tried and true tools and techniques that will help you adjust, align, build, and ‘tune-up’ your brand, career, and life!


Dr. Thomas J. Buckholtz, Innovation Catalyst from Silicon Valley!


This month I interview an old colleague and friend from my days in Silicon Valley, Dr. Thomas J. Buckholtz.  Tom recently wrote a really interesting book called Create Crucial Insight: Use Direct Outcomes Checklist. Think Well. Do Great.  Tom says that to “thrive or not to thrive insight makes a difference.”

Enjoy the interview and learn how you can use insight to help your personal brand thrive!



Dr. Thomas J. Buckholtz is a business advisor, innovation consultant, executive coach, seminar provider, and speaker.  He helps enterprises and individuals define and achieve business strategies, improve profitability and productivity, catalyze innovation, develop and market products and services, augment corporate culture, and work effectively and efficiently.

To learn more about Tom and to purchase Create Crucial Insight visit http://thomasjbuckholtz.wordpress.com/

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