The 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon!


I am excited to launch my 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon in June – 30 days x 30 thought leaders x 30 amazing posts! Over the next couple weeks I will introduce you to these 30 amazing people. Visit their sites before the blogathon and then make sure to come back every day in June.

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Why a Blogathon?

Last August I launched my own blog and have enjoyed posting my own thoughts, insights, and ideas about personal branding.  I have even branched out into video posts with my Personal Branding with a Spin series and my recent Personal Branding ‘Mechanic’ Interview series.

I have also connected with and learned from so many thought-leaders in personal branding, marketing, social media, leadership, blogging, coaching, you name it.  After seeing Todd Nielsen launch a blogathon earlier this year on his own blog A Slice of Leadership, I decided to do one myself and share with you a small handful of thought leaders who have inspired me (including Todd!)   Thanks Todd for the inspiration!


Week 1 Preview:  June 1 – June 7

Here is a sneak peek at who to expect in week 1 of the 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon! Visit their sites, learn, connect and mark your calendars.  Let’s get this party started!

Todd Nielsen - June 1

Todd Nielsen has served as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, President, and Vice President of various companies. He is a strong leader and business advisor, who is highly respected for his leadership insights and experience. His blog “A Slice of Leadership” is rated as one of the top leadership blogs on the Internet. Learn more about Todd here.

Tea Silvestre - June 2

Tea Silvestre is not really a chef. She is a small business marketing consultant and recovering English major who really loves to cook. Her mission is to help the solopreneurs, freelancers and micro business folks figure out their marketing, by helping them figure out how to communicate WHO they are and WHO they serve (aka their “Secret Sauce”). Learn more about Tea here.

Srinivas Rao - June 3

Srinivas Rao of The Skool of Life is a blogger who writes about personal development and the things you should have learned in school but never did. He is also an avid surfer. Learn more about Srinivas here.

Kimberly Bordonaro - June 4

Kimberly Bordonaro is a personal branding consultant who teaches Brandspiration to creative entrepreneurs on how to define their brand and rock their success. She regularly blogs about branding with a lyrical twist. Learn more about Kimberly here.

Dr. Amit Nagpal - June 5

Dr. Amit Nagpal is a trainer, author, speaker, coach and 'human being.' His personal philosophy is helping You- ENLARGE as a Human Being, EXCEL as a Social Media Being, and EVOLVE as a Personal Brand(ed) Being. In less than 6 months his blog was listed on Learn more about Dr. Amit here.

Steve Wainwright - June 6

Steve Wainwright is founder and chief executive of - the world's first Professional Portal site which brings together your professional internet presence into one place for business contacts to access in just one click. Learn more about here.

Saul Fleischman - June 7

Saul Fleischman, founder of OsakaBentures, is an overseas marketing man, a business developer with creativity and twenty years of greatly varied experience in company/brand image development. His role tends to be functionality ideation, user experience, and also, marketing communications and community development. Learn more about Saul here.

Click here to add this blog to your feed, and you won’t miss a day of the 30x30x30 Blogathon!


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