Personal Brand ‘Mechanics’ Interview: Garr Reynolds


“Build Your Brand by Giving NOT Advertising” says Garr Reynolds

I am really pumped to bring you my next Personal Brand Mechanics Interview with Mr. Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds!  I have known Garr since the mid-1990s during my first stint in Japan.  Our paths crossed again when we were both working in Silicon Valley in 2001.  Then 4 years ago I returned to Japan to discover Garr was back in Japan as well, and had made quite a name for himself with the huge success of his first book Presentation Zen, now it its 2nd edition.

Before there was Presentation Zen the book, there was (and still is) the blog.  What started just as a platform for Garr to share his insights and ideas has become a groundbreaking approach worldwide on presentation design and delivery.  Recently he was ranked as one of the top 30 male bloggers worldwide alongside such peeps as Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, and Dan Pink!

In this interview, Garr shares how Presentation Zen was born, his thoughts about his own personal brand, and the importance of openly giving content and ideas.  But, perhaps his best message is about being successful and building a personal brand without ever advertising!  Enjoy the interview, pick up Garr’s books, and visit the blog that started it all.


About the author

Peter Sterlacci Peter Sterlacci is known as “Japan’s personal branding pioneer.” In a country where fitting-in is the norm, Peter’s mission is to pioneer a ‘cultural shift’ by helping Japanese to stand out in a global environment. An avid cyclist, he combines cycling imagery with personal branding strategy to empower his clients to shift gears and sprint to career success. Follow Peter on Google+