The 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon – Week #3 Preview


Look Who We Have for Week 3:  June 15 – June 22

Week 3 of the 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon will definitely not disappoint!  I have lined up 8 incredible thought leaders who will dazzle you with their insights. Visit their sites in advance to learn more about them.

Make sure to see the previews for the contributors in week 1 and week 2 of this amazing blogathon.  I can’t wait to kick this off on June 1 so make sure to mark your calendar!



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Mitchell Levy - June 15

Author of a fifteen business books and CEO of the successful independent publishing house, Happy About, Mitchell Levy is also partner of the physical networking firm, CXOnetworking, and sits on the board of directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR). He is routinely called upon for his strategic expertise and big picture thinking as well as his extensive business network, particularly in Silicon Valley. Learn more about Mitchell here.

Sharon Gilmour Glover - June 16

Sharon Gilmour-Glover seems to have had two distinct careers; one as an environmental educator and one as a business consultant. But there is a common thread. Both are about helping people become aware of, unlock, and express their full potential. Learn more about Sharon here.

Jorgen Sundberg - June 17

Jorgen Sundberg is a social media consultant specialised in LinkedIn, online branding and recruitment. He runs Link Humans, a social media training and consulting business in London. A regular conference and business school speaker, Jorgen has been interviewed and quoted in The Times, The Guardian, The Australian and BBC Radio 4, dubbed a 'social networking guru' by the Mail on Sunday. Jorgen is a prolific blogger, he started The Undercover Recruiter blog in 2009 and it's now the most popular career and recruitment blog in the UK with 75,000 readers per month.Learn more about Jorgen here.

Heather Poduska - June 18

Heather Poduska is a Reach certified personal brand strategist and business coach who helps women entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow their businesses by showing them how to create powerful and authentic personal brands to attract more of their ideal clients. Heather is also a classically trained soprano and she uses much of her experience as a singer and a performer to help other women find and project their own unique voice out into the marketplace. Learn more about Heather here.

Maria Elena Duron - June 19

Maria Elena Duron is CEO (chief engagement officer) of buzz2bucks -a word of mouth firm – Creating Conversation, Community, Connection and Commerce Around Your Brand. She is author of the book, Mouth-to-Mouth Marketing and a columnist for several print and online publications plus is Editor-in-Chief of the Personal Branding Blog. Maria Duron is a published expert on branding and marketing in Entrepreneur Magazine. She is featured weekly as the marketing coach on CBS television. Duron founded and moderates #brandchat recognized by Mashable as one of the 15 Essential Twitter Chats for social media marketers and is also recognized as on the top 25 Brand Experts to follow on Twitter. Learn more about Maria here.

Richard Knobbs - June 20

Richard is a creative strategist, writer and educator based in Tokyo. He helps a global client base make ideas happen through K Creative, and produces handmade goods based on Japanese culture and nature through 'storm from the east.' Learn more about Richard here.

Paul Copcutt - June 21

Paul Copcutt first aligned with personal branding after reading Tom Peters ‘Brand You 50’ in 1997. He is the founder of Square Peg Solution, one of the first personal branding companies globally. Now a sought after speaker and media resource he has been featured by Forbes, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and Elle. His works with entrepreneurially minded people to help them design YOU Inc. Learn more about Paul here.

Runa Magnusdottir - June 22

Runa Magnusdottir is a lifetime entrepreneur, an international speaker & trainer, founder & CEO of, a global community site for women entrepreneurs to promote their brands,  co-founder of the EUWIIN European Union Innovators & Inventors 2011 Award for Personal Training program called BRANDit, and a passionate gender equality spokesperson. Runa uses her life time experience as a woman business owner, her “shaken but not stirred” sense of humor with a good dash of passion, to speak, inspire and coach entrepreneurs to get focus and achieve their own mission and visions. Learn more about Runa here.

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