Week #1 ‘Teaser’ of the 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon


The 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon officially kicks off in just a few days! I already introduced you to the 30 incredible people contributing their thought leadership.

So to wet your appetite and encourage you to come back every day, here is a teaser of the actual content being published in Week 1.  As you can see, there is AMAZING stuff here so mark your calendars, add my blog to your RSS feed, and enjoy a solid month of inspiring thought leadership. If this is week 1 imagine what’s in store for the rest of the month! Enjoy!


June 1: Screw “Dents”… I’m Aiming for an Immense Gaping Hole

Todd Nielsen - June 1

I have many regrets about the life I’ve lived—coupled with equal failures to accompany those regrets. But the biggest failure—and the regret that leads them all—was the failure to grasp my full potential earlier in life.

I’ve always worked hard, but I haven’t always worked smart. I’ve sought success, but I didn’t always plan for that success. Since I failed to grasp all that I could become; I never defined what success looked like, nor focused my actions toward it.

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June 2: Buy Curious? How to Make Your Personal Brand a Conversation Starter 

Tea Silvestre - June 2

We’ve all been there. You take a deep breath. Button up your jacket. And walk into a room filled with strangers. Maybe you’re hopeful. Maybe you’re nervous. Either way, when that first person stretches out their hand and asks, “So…what do YOU do?” Is your go-to response something fascinating? Be honest.

Do you skip over the opportunity to pique someone’s curiosity and just go with, “I’m a [fill in the blank].” (e.g. “I’m a bookkeeper, life coach, etc.”)?

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June 3: When You Can’t Imagine Doing Anything Else

Srinivas Rao - June 3

A few days ago my sister graduated from medical school.  When you consider the decade of schooling that goes into it, our family is obviously very proud of what she’s accomplished. During happy hour after her graduation, I asked her “when did you know that this was what you wanted to do?” Although she had the desire to become a doctor since junior high school, she said there came a point in college when she realized she couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else.  Her desire to become a doctor went from being a career choice to a calling.

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June 4: Finding the Inspiration for a Brand You Love

Kimberly Bordonaro - June 4

Have you ever wondered why some people are able easily find something they love to do, make a living doing it, and even inspire others along the way? Maybe you feel your heart isn’t in your work. Maybe you believe your work can’t involve your passions. Maybe, like Jack Johnson sings, you’re drawing too many lines in the sand.

“You and Your Heart Shouldn’t Be So Far Apart” I’ll admit it. I was that person who thought that business and passions had nothing to do with each other – even though I secretly wished for years that I could incorporate the two.

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June 5: Becoming Spiritual is the First Step to Being a Great Personal Brand

Dr. Amit Nagpal - June 5

“Spirituality and personal branding-what the hell are you talking, you have gone bonkers”, you must be thinking this. Before you curse me further, let me explain this.

When I told this title to my mother (who gets the credit for inspiring me to take the inner journey), she got zapped and told me, “Amit, I think you have meditated a bit too much and you are seeing relationships and connections, where none exist. Are you not getting a bit hyper-creative and mixing oil and water? Personal Branding is about external presentation and spirituality is about inner transformation.”

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June 6: How Does Your Personal Brand Translate Online?

Steve Wainwright - June 6

If you don’t know why your online presence is important in communicating your personal brand, ask yourself this question: “If you’re looking to place a piece of business or you’ve been booked to go to a business meeting with someone you don’t know – what’s the first thing you do?” More than likely – you’ll Google them.

In fact, most people use the internet to validate the people they’re looking to do business with, so making sure your ‘Google CV’ accurately reflects your personal brand is hugely important when establishing your reputation and credibility with a new contact.

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June 7: Bootstrapping Social Media Tools

Saul Fleischman - June 7

Increasingly, those who read my blog are dipping at least a toe or two into the waters of collaboration, and so I thought to tell people, old friends and new ones, what I have been doing most recently.

I want cooperation from people with abilities I don’t have and so I help worthwhile people with what they need, drawing on my strengths. Okay, truth be told, I actually enjoy helping people, whether it be with SEO basics, WordPress issues, or what I am mostly doing:  lean startup team-building and social media tool creation, and just plain getting things made.

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