Finding the Inspiration for a Brand You Love

30x30x30 Blogathon Post #4:  June 4th  – Kimberly Bordonaro

Kimberly Bordonaro is our thought leader for the 4th day of the Blogathon. Kimberly recently appeared as one of my ‘mechanics’ of Personal Branding in an interview last month so check out the video. For the Blogathon she continues to provide her unique form of ‘brandspiration’ by helping you to define your brand and rock your success!

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Finding the Inspiration for a Brand You Love

Have you ever wondered why some people are able easily find something they love to do, make a living doing it, and even inspire others along the way?

Maybe you feel your heart isn’t in your work.

Maybe you believe your work can’t involve your passions.

Maybe, like Jack Johnson sings, you’re drawing too many lines in the sand.

“You and Your Heart Shouldn’t Be So Far Apart”

I’ll admit it. I was that person who thought that business and passions had nothing to do with each other – even though I secretly wished for years that I could incorporate the two.

It started when I was in the mortgage industry. I was a horrible loan officer. I hated selling loans. It wasn’t “my thing” but it was my job. I knew I didn’t want to spend my life that way. Have you ever felt that way about a job? I was doing the daily motions of work that didn’t reflect anything about me or what I wanted to do with my life. And my production reflected my inner-turmoil.

Instinctually, I kept going back to my public relations and marketing background. I felt most alive when I was helping people market themselves and I looked for ways to include this into my life as a mortgage consultant. I created mastermind groups for loan officers and taught them how to brand and market themselves. Soon, mortgage companies sought after me to train their loan officers.

One day, I had a light bulb go off in my head one day and recognized that branding was my thing. I also realized that when I focused on incorporating what inspired me into my everyday life – including my business – my opportunities increased and my reputation grew.

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People Are Not One Dimensional and Neither is Your Personal Brand

I’m passionate about branding and I’ve made a career based on that; however, what inspires me does not end there. There is another place where you will find my heart – in music.

From as early as I can remember (and this dates back to a five-year-old Kimberly belting out the Eurhythmics every day on a school bus to a less than thrilled audience of elementary school kids), I have been fascinated with lyrics.

I have a special talent for illuminating lines in songs and applying them to situations in way that helps people relate and understand. When I started my company, I knew that I wanted to take this talent and combine it with branding, which has become the signature mark of my personal brand.

Find Your Brand Passion in 7 Questions or Less

Some people instantly know their passions. Others need a nudge or two to discover them.

If you’re like me and need a nudge, here’s a list of questions to guide you:

  • If you were to open a bookstore (solely based on the books, magazines, and informational products you already have in your home library), how would you breakdown the category sections of your store?
  • If you were to ask your friends what “your thing” is (talent, skill, expertise), what would they respond?
  • When you were a kid, what did you enjoy doing the most?
  • What are you willing to wake up at 4:00 am to eagerly do?
  • Is there an injustice in this world that really angers you or fires you up?
  • Which causes do you volunteer or donate to and why?
  • If money, failure, and/or other people’s judgments were not factors, what would you spend your days doing?

Discovering what drives you is just half the journey. You must find a way infuse your passions into your personal brand. Use examples from famous people to inspire creative opportunities to incorporate your passions into your brand and everyday life.

Keep the conversation flowing… leave a comment below and share your passions with us and how you tie them into your personal brand.

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Kimberly Bordonaro Kimberly Bordonaro is a personal branding consultant that teaches creative entrepreneurs how to define their brand and rock their success. She is also the founder of Club Brandspiration, the premier resource community for entrepreneurial branding, and regularly blogs with a lyrical twist.