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30x30x30 Blogathon Post #5:  June 5th  – Dr. Amit Nagpal

Dr. Amit Nagpal brings us into Day 5 of the Personal Branding Blogathon with a very unique post connecting spirituality and the personal brand discovery process. Dr. Amit and I write a joint monthly column on his blog sharing cultural perspectives on social media and personal branding from India and Japan. I am excited to have him share the 7 connections he sees between your spiritual identity and your brand identity.

So sit in a meditative position and enjoy his post!


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Becoming Spiritual is the First Step to Becoming a Great Personal Brand


“Spirituality and personal branding-what the hell are you talking, you have gone bonkers”, you must be thinking this. Before you curse me further, let me explain this.

When I told this title to my mother (who gets the credit for inspiring me to take the inner journey), she got zapped and told me, “Amit, I think you have meditated a bit too much and you are seeing relationships and connections, where none exist. Are you not getting a bit hyper-creative and mixing oil and water? Personal Branding is about external presentation and spirituality is about inner transformation.”

This time I decided not to take my mother for granted and decided to give her a well-thought, professional reply. I said, “Firstly, image management is about external presentation and personal branding is about personal growth besides communicating the values you stand for.” I continued, “Secondly, yes I am mixing oil and water but spirituality and personal branding are like a couple who have a bitter fight during the honeymoon and later emerge as the most compatible couple. Thirdly, if you are not convinced with the relationship after reading my article, I will not send it to Peter, who suggested writing a full article on this theme after our discussion on the social media and future of society.”

And I began taking notes on my mobile right during the commuting to office today. Something beautiful was coming up. I must thank Supreme Consciousness (or God, if you like it that way) for the inspirations and Peter for the gentle suggestion.

So what exactly do I mean?

To me spirituality is primarily about two activities viz. inner journey/transformation (I change, Everything changes) and mastering the wild horse called mind.

Social Media and Personal Branding

Social Media success is dependent upon primarily three factors viz. content, engagement and collaboration. To differentiate between success and mega success on social media, I have created two equations which are given below:-

Social Media Success (SMS) = Good Content(C) + Engagement (E) + Collaboration (CO)

Social Media Mega Success (SMMS) = Mindful content (MC) + Passionate Engagement (PE) + Heartfelt Collaboration (HC)

Hence SMS = C + E + CO

& SMMS = MC + PE + HC

Spirituality and Personal Branding

Here are the 7 connections I found between spirituality and personal branding. Let me explain in a format of how spirituality can help you build a great Personal Brand.

Connection 1: Becoming Spiritual helps you in discovering your deepest passion

Once I had posted on Facebook,

“Passion is easy to discover but deepest passion requires deepest connection with self.” Tweet This!

Silence is the best way to connect with our inner selves. It may take time and effort but it is worth it because we come to know our deepest desires, our life purpose and what do we truly want out of life. A cluttered mind or a pressured mind just running the rat race will never even find out what her true desires were.

Connection 2: Becoming Spiritual makes you more creative

A direct connection has been found between meditation and creativity. The same has been discussed by Indian spiritual guru Osho and personal branding expert Dr Hubert Rampersad (in his book on authentic personal branding). Personally I wrote a blog long back on how I regained my lost creativity through meditation.

Scientific research also talks of theta brain waves being released during meditation which improves creativity (or gives us inspiration).

Connection 3: Becoming spiritual makes you see the goodness in others, making you a better collaborator

Social media is not a platform where you can use a dictatorial style of leadership and expect your friends/connections/followers to follow your commands. Either your content has to be excellent and people feel like sharing it with their network, or they have a certain soft corner for you because of your courteous behavior.

A true personal brand does not talk about himself/herself but is talked about by other people. Other people make you a personal brand. So let us get out of the ‘I’ mode and get into the ‘You’ mode. Moving from an ‘I’ to ‘You’ mode is not easy because we are inherently selfish. Trusting others and becoming less selfish requires either high level of maturity or a spiritual inclination.

Henry Miller says “Develop an interest in life as you see it. The people, things, literature, music-the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.”

Connection 4: Becoming spiritual means you will inspire trust

A genuinely spiritual person with a higher level of consciousness is more likely to inspire trust in others. When you inspire trust, you will find it easy to spend the time in engaging and conversing with your social media network resulting in passionate engagement and a loyal following. Only if you truly love humanity, will it work.

I remember reading in Readers Digest that one percent of people are psychopaths. Forgive the negative people for your own peace as they tend to have a chemical imbalance. Also remember, a drama of being spiritual will not last long and your posts and comments will reveal your true nature and immaturity.

Connection 5: Becoming spiritual makes you aspire for personal growth

Once your consciousness level goes up you have more inclination for personal growth. You will start looking within for things gone wrong. You will realize that the locus of control is inside you and not outside you.

Spirituality says we write our own destinies with our thoughts and actions. Once you start believing this, you will make an attempt to control negative thoughts and avoid negative actions. Since the blame game is over, you will start a new game, where you are the captain, the skipper, the woman in charge.

Most of us live with the blame game psyche and we find fault everywhere except with us. Since spirituality makes you go within, you develop an attitude of reflecting and introspection. And you are ready to take charge of your life and your brand.

Connection 6: Becoming spiritual means you develop the enthusiasm required for a journey of passion

Spirituality will connect you with beautiful people from across the world, who will give you positive energy with their positive (online or offline) company. Spirituality will make you more sensitive to vibrations and energy in your environment and help you block negative energy. Thus you will get all the energy to continue with your passionate journey. Someone has rightly said, “Passion and persistence do not make dreams easy, they only make them possible.”

Keep the negative people away from your environment as far as possible and bring a circle of people around you who uplift you even if it means more online company than offline company.

Spirituality will help you take that leap of faith required for a journey of passion, whether as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

Connection 7: Becoming Spiritual means developing a truly Global Mindset

Spirituality says humanity is interconnected and we all are the leaves of the tree called humanity. Of course we have closer relationships with our social networks (they belong to the same twig) and the people of our country or state belong to the same branch. Although we share a closer and special relationship with our family/social networks, we need to respect people who do not belong to our networks. After all they belong to the same tree too.

If you post racist content (reflecting your racist beliefs), you are likely to raise an uproar and find it difficult to connect with people of that community. For example, there is a proverb in the west, “There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” If you have global ambitions such updates and beliefs can put you in trouble. Rather develop respect for all ethnic groups, religions, cultures and races, in your own interest. In fact, as your consciousness level goes up, it will happen automatically.

A Journey Worth the Effort

Remember there are no short cuts in this journey. It is going to take time and effort but the result will be that you will emerge as a Great and Global Personal Brand and not a “Me too”. Meditation results will take time, attitudinal change will take time and becoming truly spiritual also means you will face many obstacles from the mind and society. Keep reminding yourself great ideas are initially ridiculed, slowly accepted and finally accepted (as obvious) and appreciated. My best wishes for the journey!

Teilhard De Chardin has rightly said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” So my dear readers does it not make sense to become Spiritual and begin the inner journey. And oh yes I forgot to tell you, my mother agreed that I was not being hyper-creative and there was a relationship between spirituality and personal branding.


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