30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon: Week #1 Recap

WE DID IT! The first week of the 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon is in the can and we SURVIVED!


What an awesome first week with incredible posts from our first seven thought leaders. I am so grateful for how successful the past 7 days have been. The comments from readers and the massive sharing throughout social media proved to me that doing this Blogathon was the right thing. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Here’s a recap of past week with the ‘tweetables‘ from our authors.  Tweet away and come back tomorrow for the start of week 2! 

Day 1 Todd Nielsen:

“Screw ‘Dents’…I want to make an ‘Immense Gaping Hole.’”

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Day 2 Tea Silvestre:

“You want to start a conversation when you’re out networking. Not kill them dead with a meat cleaver.”

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Day 3 Srinivas Rao:

“Your crazy wild eyed dreams don’t have to make sense. They don’t need to be justified to anybody.” 

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Day 4 Kimberly Bordonaro:

“A passionate brand leads to passionate fans.”

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Day 5 Dr. Amit Nagpal:

“Passion is easy to discover but deepest passion requires deepest connection with self.” 

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Day 6 Steve Wainwright:

“The internet just became your biggest ally – so use it to your advantage.” 

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Day 7 Saul Fleischman:

“We each see light at the end of tunnels that we wouldn’t have even approached on our own.” 

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About the author

Peter Sterlacci Peter Sterlacci is known as “Japan’s personal branding pioneer.” In a country where fitting-in is the norm, Peter’s mission is to pioneer a ‘cultural shift’ by helping Japanese to stand out in a global environment. An avid cyclist, he combines cycling imagery with personal branding strategy to empower his clients to shift gears and sprint to career success. Follow Peter on Google+