Boredom is the Mother of Creativity


30x30x30 Blogathon Post #10:  June 10th – Paolo Feroleto

Paolo Feroleto is a creativity expert and I am happy to have him as our thought leader for Day 10 of the Personal Branding Blogathon. Paolo advocates that creativity is something to be cherished and explored and knows that for people and organizations to be innovative they must harness the power of creativity. If you want to enhance your own brand’s creativity check out these 10 tips that Paolo has on his website.

Now put on your creativity cap and enjoy his post!


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“Boredom is the Mother of Creativity.” Tweet This!


This quote by designer Ron Arad is something I always refer back to when discussing the origin of my business Creative Discovery. The doodle below that has become synonymous with my brand began whilst sitting in a café, quietly bored and scribbling away. I finished the full doodle over several days on an A4 sheet and have since used sections of it for my website, business cards and other printed material.

I had already designed my logo and generated a brand strategy for Creative Discovery, yet felt there was something missing when I looked at the final website design. The doodle just seemed to fit and adds a quirky element to the look and feel of the overall brand.

Creative Discovery has been a ‘work in progress’ for over two years and has had a couple of incarnations before settling on its present version. As well as designing the logo and developing the company brand, I have at the same time worked on creating my own personal brand.

Do I Really Need a Personal Brand?

I’m always curious and look to explore things to the fullest so I asked myself, “Do I need a personal brand?” As I researched further, it quickly became apparent that in many ways I already had one. Through interactions with clients and my online presence I discovered the foundations of my personal brand and became more conscious of the image I was projecting and the content I was putting ‘out there’. More importantly, I am now fully aware that whatever I do is representative of my personal brand.

I have made time to step back and reflect on what my beliefs, values, personality and goals were. This has given me more focus and a sense of purpose whilst providing me with further creativity opportunities through my workshops and helping others to discover their own brand. One thing that helped me greatly was to write a short statement for myself, a strapline as such, which I consider before I embark on any project or publish anything online. This helps me keep track of what my overall vision is and whether I am still on that path.

Authenticity Must Remain Constant

I read many articles by personal branding experts and appreciate varying opinions, yet one thing remains constant – the importance of authenticity.

If I am designing for a client, facilitating workshops or writing blog posts, I ensure that it is ‘me’ at all times. I consider questions such as what am I actually saying to my audience and clients, does it fit in with my brand and am I offering anything of value?

I’d like to think I am being honest through my interactions ensuring that I don’t pretend to know more than I do and that my personality is evident in much of my work.  One thing is clear, developing Creative Discovery has given me the freedom and awareness to communicate the brand and my own personality with a certain amount of pride, curiousity and of course creativity.


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About the author

Paolo Feroleto Paolo is a designer with over 14 years experience working across mixed disciplines within the creative industries. With Creative Discovery, Paolo is exploring creativity, facilitating workshops for educational and corporate environments with themes such as Branding, Personal Branding and much more.