Content is King But Originality Trumps Everything!


30x30x30 Blogathon Post #11:  June 11th – Catharine Fennell

Day 11 of the Personal Branding Blogathon features Catharine Fennell, Founder and CEO of videoBIO. videoBIO is redefining video creation with a flexible, multi-service platform to build your brand. Here is my videoBIO that was produced with a videoBIO producer in the comfort of my own home in Japan via their ‘distance record’ option. They also offer a cool ‘do it yourself’ platform, videoBIO D-I-Y, where you can create and share your own videos in less than 3 minutes! Video has become one of the most critical ways to expand your personal brand’s visibility and Catharine is leading the way with the best platform available by far.  So of course, Catharine’s post for the Blogathon is in video!

Enjoy Catharine’s video post and see her special offer below the video!


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Content is King But Originality Trumps Everything!

As a huge fan of Peter Sterlacci’s and all of his work I am pleased to share this video blog with you on the topic of Content and Originality.  This video blog comes to you recorded in field via the videoBIO DIY publishing suite online. Create and share great video from anywhere!  Learn more about the D-I-Y tool here. Remember, when video blogging, you don’t have to be perfect because it’s all about the content!!


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Special Offer: I am pleased to offer Peter’s viewers FREE access to our D-I-Y video suite online with all of the tools to record, professionalize, brand and share your video online. Sign up here for your account. Download the videoBIO record and share iPhone/iPad mobile app that works with your account.  Record, store, brand and send from anywhere.



About the author

Catharine Fennell Catharine Fennell is the founder and CEO of videoBIO. She has spent 17 years working at the intersection of marketing, digital media, and Internet technology. Over the last eight years Catharine has honed her skills as an entrepreneur. videoBIO is her third venture and as Founder of videoBIO, Catharine has created an innovative business model that redefines video and the way it is created, purchased and shared online.