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30x30x30 Blogathon Post #15:  June 15th – Mitchell Levy

I am really happy to have my old colleague from my days working in Silicon Valley kick off the third week of the Personal Branding Blogathon. Mitchell Levy exemplifies Silicon Valley entrepreneurship through and through. He has started 13 companies/joint ventures since 1997 and has provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies worldwide. Mitchell is CEO and Author at Happy About, a quick2publish book publisher that has the distribution channels of the big guys and the customer service of Nordstrom. He works with authors to help them harness the power of their books to increase their business and broadcast their brand.

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Why Write a Book?

Books deliver instant credibility both to the author and to their message. Having an MBA or PhD is great; however, putting the word “author” in front of your name is similar to using the letters PhD. You are no longer Jay Conrad Levinson, you are “Author Jay Conrad Levinson.”

Books give your brand a platform to stand on.Tweet This!

Print on-demand (POD) book publishing can quickly and easily help companies drive sales through thought leadership. Books can share both your vision and how your products and services help customers reach that vision. Your book will open doors to speaking events as well as generate new leads. Every person who buys or receives your book is a potential customer.

Many companies have had significant success with books. Folks from IBM, BEA, Dell, and SalesForce, to name a few, will tell you that books were an efficient and powerful tool they used to open doors and establish thought leadership. Mark Bauhaus, X-SVP SOA Software from Sun Microsystems has the following thoughts from a book his team put together:

“In the heat of the dot-com boom, my Sun Consulting Team wrote a book describing our collected methodology & experience in ‘dot-comming’ companys’ IT infrastructure. 

The book was before its time in laying out how to bullet-proof XSP and ECommerce infrastructure for super-scale, strong security, and new world agility. ‘Dot-Com and Beyond’ was distributed worldwide and became required reading for many IT Architects and CIO’s. 

Having the book in hand accelerated our sales cycle by weeks & provided instant credibility when we competed against less experienced consulting firms. Most of all, we had a kind of textbook to use during engagements to train our clients on best practices. I estimate that using the book for education and sales doubled our prospect stream & resulted in tens of millions of dollars in incremental business. A well-crafted book of expertise dramatically enhances credibility!”

Books lead directly to increased revenue:

  • A typical consultant will make 3x in indirect revenue for every dollar they make on book sales

With the 200+ authors we have at Happy About, 95% can show a significant positive impact on their businesses from writing a book.

Books are better than business cards. They are:

  • More powerful than white papers
  • The best tschocke you can give at a conference
  • An item that makes it to the book shelf vs. the circular file – When was the last time you dumped a new book in the trash can?”

“It’s a gift. It’s a guide. It’s a chance to tell the whole story in a way that white papers only hope to achieve. It can take the time to tell the story instead of the bullet points and it’s a tchotchke that  people will not throw out — a book has intrinsic value.” says Jim Sterne, President, Web Analytics Association

It is the best marketing tool you can add to your marketing mix! Imagine having a trusted third-party (e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and other physical/online bookstores) supply a powerful marketing message that will get your prospects to think or to act. Books are the tool that delivers that message and the infrastructure is already setup for the trusted third-party to deliver it.

Top 10 Reasons to Write a Book

  1. Instant Credibility: You are not just “Jay Conrad Levinson”, but “Author Jay Conrad Levinson.”
  2. Opens Most Doors: Whether it’s during the writing process (many folks want to be included in a book) or afterwards, the name “Author” carries weight.
  3. The Media Wants to Hear From an Expert: Easy to put your evangelist in front of the press.
  4. Leads Come to You: If you write a good book, it will be passed around and leads will seek you out.
  5. Asked to Speak at Conferences: The author is the one that is asked to speak at conferences and events.
  6. Prospects Ask for Your Brochure and Actively Share it With Others: When else would you hear someone say, can I please have your brochure, I’ll even pay you for it.
  7. Major Retailers Advertise Your Products and Services: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major retailers give you 3rd party credibility.
  8. It’s Not About How Many Sell: Who cares how many copies sell if you can place your book in the hands of your prospects and they buy your products and services?
  9. Great Gift: What a great way to meet people, place a gift in conference gift bags, send as a present to both your existing customers and new prospects.
  10. Ghost/Collaboratively Written: You can have someone else write it for you or you can ask a bunch of experts to share their stories (e.g. “42 Rules for Driving Success with Books”) which adds credibility while building key relationships.

Why Wait?

As a blogger, you can finish a book quickly by using the format of the 42 Rules™ series where books are comprised of 42 500-word articles (http://42rules.com). Most likely, your books is mostly written. Even quicker to market is the THiNKaha® series where books are comprised of 140 twitter-sized quotes (http://thinkaha.com)

Why wait? Start writing or having your book ghost written today. The writing guidelines and six questions we need to accept your book are available at: http://thinkaha.com/6questions


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About the author

Mitchell Levy Author of a fifteen business books and CEO of the successful independent publishing house, Happy About, Mitchell Levy is also partner of the physical networking firm, CXOnetworking, and sits on the board of directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR). He is routinely called upon for his strategic expertise and big picture thinking as well as his extensive business network, particularly in Silicon Valley.