Personal Branding Vlogathon – Week #3 Preview

Eight more incredible thought-leaders will share their expertise via video in week 3 of my Personal Branding Vlogathon from 9/16 – 9/23.  Mark your calendars as you simply cannot miss the video posts this week! If you haven’t seen the previews for the first two weeks, then make sure to check out week 1 and week 2 previews here. The Vlogathon kicks off on Sept. 1 so get ready for 30 days of pure awesomeness!

Enjoy my video preview of week 3 and check out the profiles of the vloggers below to learn more about them.


Vlogathon Week 3: Sept. 16 – Sept. 23


Week 3 Vloggers:


Carol Nyazika - Sept. 16

Carol Nyazika is a Personal Branding Strategist who works with self-employed professional who struggle with creating and building an attractive bankable and credible brand alongside their business and would like to leverage off their name and create different streams of income and become the go to person within their industry. What separates Carol's service from other branding strategists and business coaches is that she
only works with self-employed female professionals and only helps them to create a strong lucrative brand and package themselves with their business to attract more clients and create a name for themselves. Learn more about Carol here.

Sharon Gilmour Glover - Sept. 17

Sharon Gilmour-Glover seems to have had two distinct careers; one as an environmental educator and one as a business consultant. But there is a common thread. Both are about helping people become aware of, unlock, and express their full potential. Learn more about Sharon here.

Megan Fitzgerald - Sept. 18

Megan Fitzgerald catalyzes the careers of forward thinking professionals and executives interested in becoming highly visible, valued and landing work abroad. An expat and international career coach and expert guide to the ever changing world of global careers, Megan’s clients work for Fortune global firms, the UN and international organizations worldwide. By thriving in roles aligned with their unique value, they’re recognized, well-compensated and positioned to impact change in the world. With 20 years experience in 45+ countries and a strategic, 360° approach to career acceleration, Megan has been named a top 50 personal branding consultant and featured in CNN, Financial Times and Fortune. Learn more about Megan here.

Paolo Feroleto - Sept. 19

Paolo is a designer with over 14 years experience working across mixed disciplines within the creative industries. With Creative Discovery, Paolo is exploring creativity, facilitating workshops for educational and corporate environments with themes such as Branding, Personal Branding and much more. Learn more about Paolo here.

Cheryl Scoffield - Sept. 20

Cheryl Scoffield is The Follow Up Specialist, Mentor and Trainer who helps you master the prospecting and follow up process to Kickstart Your Company! She is dedicated to guiding companies and individuals to shift gears and package their expertise. You'll position yourself as the go to expert in your marketplace and build a structured system that almost runs itself to multiple your efforts and turn more leads into sales. Cheryl’s methodology is co-creative, offering valuable insights that enable you to quickly gain clarity and generate new ideas. Use them immediately to successfully navigate past the challenges currently blocking your follow up and ultimately the growth of your sales. Learn more about Cheryl here.

Tanvi Bhatt - Sept. 21

Tanvi Bhatt is India’s leading Personal Brand Strategist and the first Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist across the Indian Sub-Continent. She is a Celebrated Corporate Grooming & Image Consultant, an Engaging Etiquette Coach and an Eloquent Speaker. Being the Pioneer of Personal Branding in India, Tanvi founded ‘Panache Studio’ which is India’s Premier Personal Branding Studio; with the sole purpose of empowering a distinguished league of Iconic Individuals, who manifest the essence of Signature Personal Brands, that Inspire the world to come! Learn more about Tanvi here.

Jean-Marc Dedeyne - Sept. 22

Jean-Marc Dedeyne is the Founder and CEO of U in the USA. He helps passionate, committed and hardworking expats and foreign students adjust to the American culture and find careers that fulfill, drive and inspire them. Originally from Martinique, he is also an accomplished International Sales Professional with an outstanding record of success selling enterprise solutions with $43 million of revenues generated at SAS and HP. He
acquired international experience by working and traveling in 25 countries
around the world. He has a Master Degree in Sales & Computer from Euridis and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from UCLA. Currently he lives in Los Angeles, CA. He enjoys traveling the world, taking pictures, riding horses and running InterNations LA, a network of 3300+ expats. Learn more about Jean-Marc here.

Schuyler Kaye - Sept. 23

One of the most creative and pragmatic consultants for those who are chasing a dream or making a change - Schuyler Kaye has built a career on combining marketing and branding advice with the use of inspirational storytelling to create an everlasting impression. His ability to find insights and truths has been praised by clients and industry peers alike. Schuyler uses social media to help people own their brand and light the pathway to achieving their goals and dreams. Get his FREE tips on how to Tell Your Story and Own Your Brand at Learn more about Schuyler here.


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