Vlogathon Day 2: Five ‘Chic’ Photo Shoot Tips for Your Personal Brand


Vlogathon Day 2:  September 2nd – Robin Bramman

Robin Bramman was one of the first to jump on-board my 30-day Personal Branding Vlogathon when I began recruiting folks via Twitter a month ago. She told me, “Peter, this vlogathon is just the push I need to get moving on using video!” I am happy Robin decided to take the leap into video because she has awesome content to share about your visual personal brand. In this video, Robin highlights 5 tips to help you on your photo shoot. Her video is based on a cool Professional Headshot Presentation she has created. Download her presentation file here because it is a great supplement to her video post below.  On a side note, Robin’s video includes graphics and illustrations that were edited into the video by the staff at videoBIO. This is a really awesome example of how you can use videoBIO’s services to jazz up your videos!

Enjoy Robin’s video and let us know what you think! 


Vlogathon Day 2: Five ‘Chic’ Photo Shoot Tips for Your Personal Brand



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About the author

Robin Bramman Robin Bramman is Arizona’s first Master Certified Brand Strategist in the Reach Personal Branding and Online ID methodology. She has over 15+ year’s experience in strategic planning, branding, interactive services development and leadership coaching. Robin works with high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs in defining their brand and interactive strategies to increase her client’s digital visibility. Robin’s mission is to work with each client to demystify the process of discovering, positioning and aligning their brand on and off line to pursue their greatest desires. Her aim is to provide simple, intelligent and creative direction to give her clients the clarity they need to position their brand, deliver on their unique promise of value and connect with confidence.