Vlogathon Day 3: Getting Personal with Personal Branding


Vlogathon Day 3:  September 3rd – Natalie Sisson

I am always thrilled to feature Natalie Sisson on my blog. I first interviewed Natalie as one of my ‘mechanics’ of personal branding back in June. You can watch her interview here. So, when I decided to host a Vlogathon I really wanted to make sure Natalie was included. Imagine making money doing what you love from anywhere! Well, that what Natalie does. She runs Suitcase Entrepreneur and  has made a name for herself by traveling the world, living out of her suitcase, and running a highly successful and profitable business. Her video post below is all about the importance of being ‘personal’ in your personal branding process. After all, in the end our brands are based on our authenticity and Natalie has nailed this for sure. Make sure to stop by Natalie’s site to check out her new $100 Change initiative where you can be inspired by 100 change makers in 100 days!

Enjoy Natalie’s video and let us know what you think by commenting below! 



Vlogathon Day 3: Getting Personal with Personal Branding


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About the author

Natalie Sisson Natalie Sisson is a Suitcase Entrepreneur who is on a mission to ensure others create freedom in business and adventure in life. She blogs about how best to use online tools, social media and outsourcing to build a thriving online business you can take anywhere. Over at the Suitcase Entrepreneur she offers free resources and tools, digital products and programs and business design coaching to ensure you create your ideal lifestyle. She’s also founded the $100 Change Initiative to empower hundreds of other entrepreneurs to start a business or project they love for $100.