Vlogathon Day 7: Creating Your Reality Through Personal Branding


Vlogathon Day 7:  September 7th – Jeff Rock

Week 1 of the 30-day Personal Branding Vlogathon closes with an awesome video message from my friend Jeff Rock. While I have never met Jeff in person, the connection we have made via social media and our mutual background as Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategists almost makes me feel as if we have known each other for years! Like others, Jeff has wanted to jump on the ‘video brand-wagon’ for some time and I was happy he saw this Vlogathon as the platform to make his video debut. Jeff runs Swiftriver Coaching where he combines personal branding with energy leadership, emotional intelligence, and narrative development. In his video below he shares how your reality – your authentic, genuine self – is the foundation of your personal brand. Make sure to visit his site to download his FREE eBook – ‘Build Your Brand by Telling Your Story’.

Enjoy Jeff’s video and stay tuned for his special guests at 3:39!


Vlogathon Day 7: Creating Your Reality Through Personal Branding



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About the author

Jeff Rock Jeff Rock is the founder of Swift River Coaching, a consulting practice that integrates coaching, project management, energy leadership, emotional intelligence , and story telling. He has a passion for maximizing strengths to help his clients be fully engaged and connected. Jeff is an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Certified Personal Branding Strategist. In collaboration with Katrina Hawley and Doug Foresta, he created the “One Powerful Day” series during which clients plan life transformations using focused energy, imagination, creativity, personal branding, and Laban Movement Analysis.