Vlogathon Day 11: How Not to Lose the ‘You’ in Your Personal Brand


Vlogathon Day 11:  September 11th – Courtney Jones

I am so happy that videoBIO is the sponsor of my 30-day Vlogathon and thrilled that Courtney Jones, a videoBIO producer decided to join the Vlogathon team. Courtney will tell you straight-up that she is enamored by the power of video. Courtney is no stranger to video and can be found on videoBIO’s own videoBLOG posting quick videos that are packed with great content. In her video below, Courtney shares 3 great tips on how not to lose the ‘You’ in your personal brand. The one I really like is not being afraid of using video!

Enjoy Courtney’s video and let us know what you think by commenting below!



Vlogathon Day 11: How Not to Lose the ‘You’ in Your Personal Brand



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About the author

Courtney Jones Reader, writer, vino lover. A true believer in the power of communication through creative persuasion, Courtney is forever seeking outside-the-box ways to breathe tangible life into fresh ideas. As a proud Torontonian and lover of all things start up, Courtney mastered her communications wizardry within boutique Toronto PR firms participating in both grass roots and national campaigns. Forever on the path to innovative discovery, she quickly became enamored of the powerful tool that is video. Currently, Courtney is helping to bring the personal back into communication as part of the videoBIO team based in Toronto, Ontario.