Vlogathon Day 12: Professional Presence – How to Exude Your Personal Brand


Vlogathon Day 12:  September 12th – Valerie Sokolosky

One of the most visible people in the personal branding, executive coaching, and leadership development world is Valerie Sokolosky. Valerie, a fellow Master Certified Personal Branding Strategist, brings us into Day 12 of the 30-day Personal Branding Vlogathon with an incredibly useful video about how to exude your personal brand. It is clear by watching her video why Valerie is one of the most sought after speakers about personal branding, professional presence, and leadership. She exudes all three in her talk! I love Valerie’s operating philosophy: Companies improve when people improve! She truly does focus on the ‘people’ side of business. In this video, Valerie asks a critical question: “How do you show up?” She follows this by offering important insight on why a powerful first impression in your appearance and style is super critical for your career and personal brand.

Enjoy Valerie’s video and let us know what you think by commenting below!


Vlogathon Day 12: Professional Presence – How to Exude Your Personal Brand



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About the author

Valerie Sokolosky Valerie Sokolosky began her career as a professional speaker giving keynotes and workshops for companies around the globe. She founded Valerie & Company in 1981, an international leadership development consulting company focusing on people skills. A widely published author of eight books, Valerie has helped thousands reach their goals and is recognized for her warm, engaging style and interactive presentations. Her executive coaching and training in Fortune 500 companies has motivated their leaders to achieve greater success resulting in significant profits for these companies. Some of her Blue Chip clients include PwC, American Airlines, Verizon, and Microsoft, among others.