Vlogathon Day 20: You’ve Worked the Room – Now What?


Vlogathon Day 20: September 20th – Cheryl Scoffield

I am happy to welcome Cheryl Scoffield on Day 20 of the Personal Branding Vlogathon. I connected with Cheryl via social media some months back because I was intrigued by her title, The Follow Up Specialist. Cheryl is the Founder and CEO of Kickstart Your Company, a consulting and business development skills training company. Her claim to fame is that she is a prospecting and follow-up expert who teaches you how to follow-up to the 5th – 12th contact where 80% of sales are won. In her video below, Cheryl’s points put that we all collect many business cards at networking events, conferences, etc. However, her key question is what do we actually do with all these cards after the fact? Cheryl shares her insight on how to maximize your follow-up skills to close business opportunities that otherwise would be lost.

Enjoy Cheryl’s video and let us know what you think by commenting below.


Vlogathon Day 20: You’ve Worked the Room – Now What?



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Cheryl Scoffield Cheryl Scoffield is The Follow Up Specialist, Mentor and Trainer who helps you master the prospecting and follow up process to Kickstart Your Company! She is dedicated to guiding companies and individuals to shift gears and package their expertise. You'll position yourself as the go to expert in your marketplace and build a structured system that almost runs itself to multiple your efforts and turn more leads into sales. Cheryl’s methodology is co-creative, offering valuable insights that enable you to quickly gain clarity and generate new ideas. Use them immediately to successfully navigate past the challenges currently blocking your follow up and ultimately the growth of your sales. Pick up your Business Growth Strategies Report, You've Worked The Room - Now What? at KickstartYourCompany.com