Vlogathon Day 23: How to Find the Story of Your Brand


Vlogathon Day 23: September 23rd – Schuyler Kaye

Day 23 of the Personal Branding Vlogathon is here and I am really excited to have Schuyler Kaye contributing his insight. Schuyler runs a really cool company called T4Execs where he focuses on the power of story to help executives to brand themselves. I was first introduced to Schuyler because of his amazing infographic called Superhero Branding for Ordinary People. I absolutely love his message here so definitely check it out. In his video below, Schuyler offers a 3 exercises to help you find the story of your brand. He shares some powerful examples where stories have been used to communicate an important message including Mother Goose and The Bible. Apply these 3 exercises to your personal branding process and your story will be told!

Enjoy Schuyler’s video and let us know what you think by commenting below.


Vlogathon Day 23: How to Find the Story of Your Brand



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Schuyler Kaye I help small business owners who want to make a difference, and need to attract more customers with their online presence. You see I’ve been in the business of branding since I decided being a short, fat, nerdy high schooler wasn’t the way to start college. After leaving a Fortune 100 Company, I found myself “dating” numerous business ideas at the same time hoping one would uncover my passion and grant the freedom of any lifestyle I chose. It didn’t work… In truth it was uncovering my story that revealed my purpose, and that clarity has effortlessly guided my business since. Now I help others use their story to build a business they love and that attracts the right customers.