Vlogathon Day 26: Personal Branding Begins at Home


Vlogathon Day 26: September 26th – Kimunya Mugo

The final week of the 30-day Personal Branding Vlogathon continues on Day 26 with a video from Kimunya Mugo. Kimunya was a guest blogger for my blog this past July and wrote a superb post called Leading Through Teaching and Inspiration. Based on Kenya, he is passionate about leadership and sustainable development. But what I have learned about Kimunya is that he is the most passionate about his family and being the best parent he can be. In his video below, Kimunya tells us that personal branding begins at home with the family. He passionately explains why the family brand is a significant influence on how children’s personal brands evolve over time. Kimunya told me he was nervous about being part of the Vlogathon, but if you ask me he is a natural. I hope he continues to share his powerful messages via video. Make sure to visit Kimunya’s blog Lead by Choice.

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Vlogathon Day 26: Personal Branding Begins at Home


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Kimunya Mugo "‘Live, love, matter’ is the mantra that drives Kimunya’s passion for communication, connection, leadership and sustainable development. Without one, the others cease to exist in their totality. He is always working towards excellence, effective leadership, and creative thought that inspires and motivates people to sustainable action. Kimunya is a seasoned communication specialist…strategy, publishing, branding, social media, development communication, media engagement, campaigns, photography and filmmaking for development. He has a passion for leadership, parenting and practical communication. Based in Nairobi Kenya, he had the world’s best support team in his wonderful wife Harriette and their three children.