Vlogathon Day 28: Create a Following by Getting Naked


Vlogathon Day 28: September 28th – Jeff Harmon

I am happy to welcome Jeff Harmon to Day 28 of the Vlogathon. Jeff is founder of Brilliance Within Coaching and Consulting and supports his clients in developing a strong foundation that propels them towards their vision. Jeff is quick to share how much he loves being a coach and watching his clients grow in ways they never could have expected or accomplished on their own. In his video below, Jeff shares his insight from Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni and how it can help to define one’s personal brand. He emphasizes that a naked approach will create greater loyalty to your brand. Jeff tells us that when we are willingly naked then we are comfortable in our own skin and others embrace this transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability. Do you want to be naked? Watch and learn how.

Enjoy Jeff’s video and let us know what you think by commenting below! 


Vlogathon Day 28: Create a Following by Getting Naked

About the author

Jeff Harmon Jeff Harmon is an innovative, results-driven coach, trainer and speaker with 20 years of experience building relationships to equip & empower principled leaders and organizations to successfully face challenges and create healthy, happy, effective organizations. As an experienced servant leader, coach and project manager, Jeff supports business owners and emerging leaders to identify and access strengths and talents, establish their crystal clear vision, devise strategic and tactical solutions and develop as leaders. Jeff graduated from the University of Central Florida, studied at The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, is a certified coach (ACC), project manager (PMP), husband, father and Christian.