Vlogathon Day 29: Personal Branding, Not Always so Personal!


Vlogathon Day 29: September 29th – Catharine Fennell

We are almost at the close of the Vlogathon and I am totally psyched to have Catharine Fennell, videoBIO Founder and CEO, contribute her insight. When I had the idea for this Vlogathon I immediately approached Catharine to ask if videoBIO could play some role. She immediately offered to be the Vlogathon sponsor and provide FREE access to videoBIO’s DIY tool as the video platform. I am so grateful for everything Catharine’s team at videoBIO has done to make this Vlogathon a huge success. In her video below, Catharine shares why personal branding may not always be so personal. She states that while a personal brand represents you as a person we really need to treat it more as a ‘professional’ brand online. Catharine offers 3 principles to follow when managing your professional brand while still being personal!

Enjoy Catherine’s video and let us know what you think by commenting below!


Vlogathon Day 29: Personal Branding, Not Always so Personal!


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Catharine Fennell Catharine Fennell is the founder and CEO of videoBIO. She has spent 17 years working at the intersection of marketing, digital media, and Internet technology. Over the last eight years Catharine has honed her skills as an entrepreneur. videoBIO is her third venture and as Founder of videoBIO, Catharine has created an innovative business model that redefines video and the way it is created, purchased and shared online.