My Top 10 Kick Ass Posts of 2012

Top 10

2102 was a great year of blogging with 134 posts on my blog. I wish I could say I wrote all of these, but 62 were blogs or vlogs from guest contributors. The best part was seeing the traffic and social shares generated from many of these posts.

So, according to my Google Analytics (and some other top-secret social sharing formula), here are the top 10 blog posts of 2012. Enjoy, share, and of course let me know what you think. 

10. Video: Your Personal Brand’s Killer App

William Arruda predicted back in 2010 that video would revolutionize personal branding. It certainly has and he shares in this video post why video is the ‘killer app’ for building brand you.

9. Buy Curious? How to Make Your Personal Brand a Conversation Starter

Tea Silvestre is known as the Word Chef and is also producer of the new online reality show for entrepreneurs, Prosperity’s Kitchen. In this post she gives a 4-step process to be an awesome conversation starter through the power of the words you choose.

8. Your Branded Bio: The First Sentence

Kirsten Vernon (formerly Dixson) is considered to be one of the top Personal Branding Strategists and original thought leaders in online reputation management. In this post she explains how to brand your online bio to stand out and avoid being just a ‘commodity’.

7. Being Almost Broke and In Debt Can be Pretty Cool

In this post I put all my cards on the table and reveal how a solopreneur may have empty pockets and big bills but also the GRIT and tenacity to go past the point when most people would simply give up.

6. Why Twitter is the Perfect Personal Branding Tool

Jorgen Sundberg is a social media guru across most platforms, but he clearly spells out why Twitter is the best tool for building our personal brands.

5. Four Steps to Create Your Personal Mantra

Gini Dietrich and I initially got connected on Twitter due to a shared passion for bicycling. I soon realized she is a PR pro, blogging queen, and down-right fun person. In this post she outlines the clearest and most practical way I know to create a ‘mantra’ that will promote you at the top of your game.

4. Personal Brand Mechanic Interview: Garr Reynolds

Garr Reynolds is the ‘Zen Master of Presentations’. His groundbreaking bestseller, Presentation Zen, literally changed the way the world makes presentations. In my interview with Garr he reveals how the presentation zen concept was born, his thoughts about his own personal brand, and the importance of openly giving content and ideas. A must watch video post!

3. Who’s ‘Belaying’ Your Success?

Todd Nielsen is a leadership expert and his passion is to help others create miracles in their lives through the power of execution. Todd is also passionate about climbing and in his video post he shares a personal story about a climbing experience that has a significant lesson in life. Learn how he relates the concept of ‘belaying’ from the world of climbing to personal and professional performance.

2. Spirituality, Social Media, and Personal Branding

Dr. Amit Nagpal is India’s personal branding guru. In this very unique post he connects spirituality with the personal brand discovery process. Amit and I have coauthored a new eBook called Personal Branding Views from India and Japan scheduled for release in early 2013.

And the most popular post of 2012 is….


1. Screw “Dents”…I’m Aiming for an Immense Gaping Hole!

Todd Nielsen tops my list with the most popular post of the year bringing in close to 5,400 views, 1,900 tweets, 600 shares on LinkedIn, and over 40 comments. In this post he shares how simply making a ‘dent’ in the world just is not adequate. Todd explains why he wants to make a difference in people’s lives, do something useful, and create something meaningful.

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Peter Sterlacci Peter Sterlacci is known as “Japan’s personal branding pioneer.” In a country where fitting-in is the norm, Peter’s mission is to pioneer a ‘cultural shift’ by helping Japanese to stand out in a global environment. An avid cyclist, he combines cycling imagery with personal branding strategy to empower his clients to shift gears and sprint to career success. Follow Peter on Google+