The Lazy Person’s Guide to Overnight Riches



BeYB welcomes holiday post from Dr. Amit Nagpal!

For Christmas I am happy to welcome a ‘fun’ post from my good friend Amit in India. Amit shares a story about how to to be lazy and use short cuts to success. I hope you see the irony in what he says because in the end it is all about being authentic not taking short cuts or using image manipulation. Strong brands whether they are products, places, or people are based in what is true, genuine, and real. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Amit and I wish you all a happy, healthy, and genuine New Year. Stay tuned for the release of our new eBook, Personal Branding Views from India and Japan due out in early 2013.


Couch_Potato_Wallpaper_m1r3zYou worked so hard in 2012, but I know it did not work. The reward for good work is more good work. So you need to learn that “Image management is better than Personal Branding”. No hard work required, only smart work and a consultant/coach to help you with the tricks. Look busy, take easy and with your glamour, just make the world dizzy.

Use Short Cuts to Success

To be brutally honest, most of us are looking for shortcuts to success and I will tell you some shortcuts today. We live in a fast paced world where quick success is valued. Image management is about manipulating your image. So go ahead and hypnotize people with your halo. Just a hello should spread your halo. After all, we can certainly fool some of the people some of the time, if not all. Let us give an exaggerated impression about ourselves and package ourselves as glamorous products.

If you behave like a sincere student, I promise you, in 2 years, you will become from nobody to somebody. Money begets money and success begets success. As long as the shoe shines, who cares it is of which leather (and whether the sole is missing for that matter). I used to say in my childhood, “All that glitters may not be gold but all that glitters is easily sold.”

Create Your ‘Halo’ Effect

Our society has moved from a “Culture of Character’ to a “Culture of Personality”. First impression is the last impression, so leave such an impression that it is either love at first sight or the person stays in awe of you forever.

“Create a larger than life image and become an expert at creating the halo effect.” (Tweet This!)

Let the audience be so mesmerized and charmed that they are in love with you (and we all know love is blind. The eyes of the audience will never open because you are not going to marry your audience). Once in love, they will not be able to see your flaws. Make sure they stay in love by keeping some distance because masses respect you as long as they do not know your weaknesses. As I wrote in a previous blog post, “To hell with respect, it is only a drama!”

I will guide you how to fill the hydrogen in your balloon and you can just shoot in the sky. Don’t be afraid of any bursts (after all the dotcom busted too and it is now live and kicking). But don’t forget me or try to outsmart your Guru (because I will keep the thread in my control :D).

Learn ‘Manipulation Management’

They say life is of four days only, so live it to the fullest. The world is very good at judging others (and thankfully it judges you based on perceptions and not reality). So learn perception management, impression management and every kind of manipulation management which is useful for a lazy person. The world is Maya, an illusion and there is no harm in adding to the illusion. Focus on learning tricks (and at the most tips). If you get success after hard work, it is not worth the trouble after all. Why should one work hard, if it is all an illusion?

Fly high and grow more and more (just conveniently forget Harshad Mehta of Indian stock market scam whose company became from ‘Grow More’ to ‘No More’).

Happy 2013. Love, Laughter and Lots More to all our readers.

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