3 Things That Give Direction to Your Business Brand



BeYB welcomes a guest post from Maria Florio!

I got to know Maria Florio from a great post she wrote back in November called The Box Issue in Social Media. I absolutely loved her message and decided to invite her to be a guest writer on my site as well. Maria calls herself a “versatile entrepreneur” with various specialties and interests.  She is a writer, copywriter, e-commerce inbound and outbound marketer, Italy travel specialist and event planner. Perhaps she is a Renaissance Woman? Enjoy Maria’s post below about three very important ‘personal’ factors that help to give direction to your business brand.


What usually comes to mind when a business thinks of how to differentiate itself and its brand from others are typically what the business has to offer and quality.  Although these are important factors that definitely make a business stand out, they are not what give the business brand its image (or at least one that is not yet famous and prestigious).  When people look at a brand the things that come to mind are of a more personal nature: the owner(s), values and goals, and your clients.

For any business that is growing or just starting out, you want to take a good look at the three criteria mentioned, explore them and keep in mind how you want them to reflect your business brand.

Keep the following mind during your brainstorming and definition of the above.

1. Owner(s)

We all know that leaders are the first to stand out when looking at a group, company, school, and any entity that has a leader.  This implies that the owner(s) history and persona is what catches the eye.  Take a good look at who you and your partners are, have been and what you want your business to be. At the end of this self-analysis you can decide if changes need to be made or if you’re happy with where you stand.

2. Values and goals

What do you hold on to as important in life and through your business along with what your aims are should also be of your concern; especially because they don’t always go hand in hand, which could result in a negative consequence on your brand’s image.  You need to decide if your values and goals are on the same level and if they’re not, are you prepared to accept the consequences.  Also, keep in mind that the direction your goals take could force you to compromise your values; are you prepared for this? What would you do if it came to giving up your values for your goals? The best solution is to find goals that meet your values and that have a low probability of forcing an unwanted compromise.

3. Clients

Although it isn’t necessarily fair to judge a book by its cover, most people do so.  This means that the clients you cater to, your target market and buyers; will reflect who your brand is and who it serves.  Ergo what is important to your business is something that gets defined by the character and nature of your client.
The reason why these three characteristics reflect your business brand’s image is because they are part of what makes up your business’ character.

“A business is like a person; and self, ethics, and your social circle are what tell people who you are.” (Tweet This!)

We all know these characteristics don’t always fit perfectly; sometimes the assumptions made from them are erroneous, but they impact others and their perception of you.

While personally, the consequence of being mistaken as something you are not can be ok; for your business’ success it is not.

If your goal is to grow your business and have a brand that represents something specific, it is very important for you to develop these three criteria before the launch of your business, and maintain their standing during its expansion.  This will be the way you can direct your brand to stand out and represent what you want.

About the author

Maria Florio Maria Florio is a versatile entrepreneur with various specialties and interests: writer, copywriter, e-commerce inbound marketer, Italy travel specialist and event planner. Her favorite mottos include “Our potential rises to the unimaginable. To inspire, live life, and favor humanity.” ~ FNM and “Everything happens for a reason. Every action has a reaction. Always remember that what’s meant to be will always find a way to come.” ~ Unknown. Her biggest passions are life and humanity.