5 Ways a Press Release Can Boost Your Personal Brand


BeYB welcomes a guest post from Richard Knobbs!

I first featured Richard Knobbs on my site in my 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon in June 2012.  His post, A Minimalist Approach to Personal Branding, was a hit and I encourage you to give it a read. I am pleased to have Richard as a guest once again. Richard is a writer, brand consultant, and designer. I love what he says on his about page: “I’m obsessed with details, love bikes, writes compulsively, drink tea, ride skateboard and surfboards very badly, read insatiably, and cooks pretty well.”  AWESOME personal branding! Richard also knows a lot about writing damn good press releases. So, I will feature two guest posts on the power of press releases for personal branding.


extra-extra-newsPress releases aren’t just for huge corporations and they don’t have to be a dry page of facts and specifications. A press release can be a powerful tool for building your personal brand and promoting your products and services.

Here are five ways a well-crafted press release can help your brand.

1) Attract attention from the right people

By carefully targeting who you send your press release to, you can make sure you get noticed by the people most likely to benefit from what you offer, and therefore those most likely to choose you. Think about where your prospective clients or customers would go for their information and target them. By doing so, you’ll save time and ensure that your press release is more likely to get noticed.

2) Make friends

This is your personal brand, so make it personal. Reach out to bloggers and others in your field and introduce yourself. Don’t just send a press release by itself; make contact and show interest in the person you’re contacting. Remember that promotion is a two-way street, and remember that people are far more likely to recommend somebody they know, even if that relationship is only via email. Offer something in return, if possible – something real is much better, not just the promise of more followers on Twitter or something similar – and don’t forget to show your appreciation. By making your promotion more personal, you’re far more likely to make influential friends and reap the benefits.

3) Social interaction 

If your press release is written well and gets published somewhere popular, it could generate a great deal of social interaction. This could be comments on a blog, sharing on Twitter or Facebook, or bloggers feeling compelled to share it on their blog. Monitor the reaction it’s getting and respond accordingly: thank people, add comments of your own, and join the conversation. It’s much easier to build a brand that’s in the public eye.

4) Collaboration

You never know where reaching out to people might lead. If you view your press release as simply a way of attracting potential clients, you could be closing yourself off to other lucrative opportunities. Submitting a press release could not only lead to promotion and friendship, but chances of work or collaboration on other projects. A number of press releases I’ve published on storm from the east, for example, have led to lasting friendships and profitable collaborations.

5) Real engagement

The more thought you put into your press release, and the more you target it by choosing your audience and writing something that people will want to read, the more engaging it will be. This means that people will treat it more like an article than a piece of promotional material. Hopefully it will make them think, give them some tips or advice, or show them how to solve a problem. The more you give, the more you’ll get: people will seek you out for your expertise.

It pays to give your press releases more thought. They’re not just another tool, they can be the first exposure people have to your brand – and first impressions last.


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About the author

Richard Knobbs Richard is a creative strategist, writer and educator based in Tokyo. He helps a global client base make ideas happen through K Creative, and produces handmade goods based on Japanese culture and nature through 'Storm From the East.' http://www.storm-from-the-east.com/