3 Ways to Engage Customers with Your Personal Brand


bigstock-Customer-satisfaction-concept-36482329Interaction with customers has always been an important factor in success and changes in technology has allowed businesses and individuals to improve and explore news way of customer engagement. Customer engagement drives higher loyalty and customer loyalty increases sales.

Back when technology had not impacted the business world, the people in charge had full control in the way they engaged with customers. It would happen in a structured and defined way; a newsletter would be sent out to inform customers of updates.

However, today’s technology allows engagement on different platforms which makes interaction with customers more interesting and effective.

When you are promoting your personal brand, being ‘personal’ with your target audience is very important therefore taking use of these technological changes will ensure your communication efficient and impactful. Here are some suggestions:

1. Social Media 

Social Media is the ultimate tool anyone can use to communicate with their customers on their domain. It is one of the most effective ways of instant engagement. The end-user controls the domain; if they have engaged with you it is because they are interested in you. The way you respond and keep the conversation going will instantly expose how effective you are as a ‘service provider’.

Even though the end-user ultimately controls the dialogue, it will be you who will have the upper hand. After their initial interaction, which could be a ‘like’ or ‘follow,’ you have that social media platform to show your customers your services, interests and thoughts.

Social media is not a platform for direct promotion; any business will make a fatal mistake if they only use social media to promote their products. Customers get enough of that already; it is a platform to share your social side.

Your thoughts, views, and opinions are part of your brand too; therefore, by socializing with your customers on social media you will still be promoting brand you.

2. Leverage Customer Contribution

Leveraging customer contribution is an important source of competitive advantage. Customer contribution can come in many forms, such as:

  • Product/Service  reviews
  • Customer service FAQs
  • Forums
  • Comments

Comments and reviews are the most beneficial when personal branding is concerned. You will get true opinions on your services and make any improvements as a result of their contribution. This will not only make the customer feel important and valued, but will also give you an insight into how your customers feel about you.

Accessing such feedback used to be costly and time-consuming. However technology has changed the way information is gathered. If the right platform is created for the customer to share their views, they would want their opinions to be heard.

Encouraging contributions will also make your customers recognise you, you can also engage in the discussions by informing them if they have any queries and form an open discussion platform.

3. E-Mail

E-mail is another great way of engaging with your customers and getting hold of customer’s e-mails are easier than their phone numbers. However, the content of your e-mail should be chosen carefully as you run the risk of ending up in the spam folder.

Offer your customers subscription options and allow them to choose the how frequent they would like to be contacted. Respecting their choices is very important as you are less likely to bombard them with e-mails that they do not want.

Remember, the market is always changing therefore there is no simple and easy solution to engaging with your customers. It is a work-in-progress and rather than becoming a burden, it should be an important part of your personal brand marketing plan.

About the author

James Harper James cut his teeth working for a large multi-national technology corporation. These days he brings his skills in communication, technology and business together in the challenging world of marketing, helping companies to build strong relationships with their customers.