Personal Brand ‘Mechanic’ Interview: Craig McBreen


Craig McBreen tells us to “Get Past the Fear”

craig mcbreenThere are a very small handful of bloggers out there who have a message in almost every post that just simply resonates. Craig McBreen is part of this ‘elite’ group in my mind. Seriously. I spend a lot of time skimming and deleting post after post from many of the ‘A-listers’ out there, but I ACTUALLY READ AND ABSORB WHAT CRAIG WRITES ABOUT! Here is one of my favorite quotes from a post Craig wrote titled ‘Looking for Your Next Big Idea?’:

“A rigid, inflexible plan can result in a stinky, dead fish that smells of desperation, because it sucked your life blood right out of you.”

Preach it brother! And this is just what Craig does – he preaches the shit that we need to be reminded about. This is why Craig is my latest ‘mechanic’ of personal branding. Read any one of his posts and you will walk away with something to help make your brand irresistible.

In my interview with Craig he talks about

  • Why getting past fear is crucial for branding yourself
  • How to engage the readers of your blog
  • Why writing has become his elixir, and
  • How talent + personality is a formula for success.

Enjoy Craig’s interview and make sure to subscribe to his blog. You will actually look forward to seeing his name in your inbox!

Craig McBreen tells us to “Get Past the Fear”



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