4 Steps to Finding Your Online Brand Story




You’ve got various social media accounts; you even have your own web page… Maybe you are trying to get a new job, reach more customers, or change your career…

You know that the competition is great, and you’re struggling to figure out a way to stand out…

You ask yourself questions like “How professional should I be?” “Where should I start?” “How can I make an impact?” or “What if they don’t like me?”

The answer is simple … you tell your story.


Four steps to finding the right story

You want to share a story that speaks to your audience. After all, that’s the whole point of your online presence, right? But how do you figure out which story to tell?

It is about sharing a story from your past that shows you can solve your audience’s problem.

  • If you’re applying for a job, you’ll want to look at the position and the problems you’ll be solving if you’re hired.
  • If you’re trying to reach the right customers, you’ll want to look at the problem you’re helping them solve.
  • If you’re changing careers, you’ll need to look at how your past experience can solve the problems associated with the new career.

Here’s what you do, and I’ve included my own story with my customers as an example, but you can easily look at the position you’re applying for to find the problems your new employer wants you to solve if you’re changing careers or applying for a job.

1. What problem are you trying to solve? Take a moment to write it down.

Example: Small business owners struggle to attract enough customers through their online brand.

2. What is it like to go through this problem? Imagine how it feels to experience that problem. Now write it down. What are the concerns that keep your new boss up at night?

Example: It feels overwhelming. You’re working harder every day, yet you’re still struggling to attract enough customers. What’s worse is you’re spending so much more time on selling to people than actually helping them. You’re frustrated, and maybe even depressed.

3. When in your life did you have to overcome a similar challenge? It might have been about the same problem, or one that feels similar to a previous customer or boss. Write down what happened.

Example: Starting my first company was overwhelming and frustrating. My happiness was governed by the whims of my customers.

I overcame this by gaining clarity about my purpose and my audience. I realized what they really needed from me, and then I became able to provide it with my marketing and branding. Eventually I figured out how to create systems that helped me attract more customers without being overwhelmed.

4. Share it on your social media profiles, website, and cover letter. You’ve got a compelling story, and it’s time to share it. Have fun! Let it sound and feel like you, as if you were having a conversation one on one.

Example from my “About Me” page: Starting a company was a humbling experience. Maybe you can relate? It felt overwhelming trying to find and keep customers. In the beginning I wanted to help people, but eventually it just felt like I was selling them. This led to one of the lowest points in my life… the depression, the lack of self-esteem, the feeling all alone…

The engineer in me (remember that inner nerd?) recognized this as just another problem to solve. The program manager in me turned my business into an experiment to create practical systems that would help me successfully attract clients through my online brand while maintaining my original desire to help people.

With the help of some amazing mentors, some spiritual practices, and a willingness to look inward for my answers, I found a heart-centered branding solution that worked for me… and more importantly, I found a process that can work for you.

When you’re writing your “About Me” page, remember that your story has the power to reach your audience. If you keep their problems in mind, you’ll be able to tell a story deserving of a superhero.


Attracting More Customers with Your Story


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About the author

Schuyler Kaye I help small business owners who want to make a difference, and need to attract more customers with their online presence. You see I’ve been in the business of branding since I decided being a short, fat, nerdy high schooler wasn’t the way to start college. After leaving a Fortune 100 Company, I found myself “dating” numerous business ideas at the same time hoping one would uncover my passion and grant the freedom of any lifestyle I chose. It didn’t work… In truth it was uncovering my story that revealed my purpose, and that clarity has effortlessly guided my business since. Now I help others use their story to build a business they love and that attracts the right customers.