How Can Your Personal Brand Cut Through all the Noise?


fingers.in_.ears_When competing for a job with other people possessing the same educational background, perhaps even similar work experience and comparable skills; when promoting your own business among many other entrepreneurs; and when showcasing your expertise among other freelancers, ‘personal branding’ becomes the key to uniqueness, reputation and success.

In short, the essential feature of personal branding is to stand out from the crowd by showing off your personal unique selling point. In order to create and maintain your personal brand successfully, you have to ensure that you are presenting and communicating a consistent and credible image of your expertise, skills or passion. In this way, you have the chance to be recognised as a trustworthy and authentic expert, to advance or change your career and gain new contacts and fans of your work.

It’s About Quality, not Quantity

Living in 2013, the first obvious step is to make the most effective use of social media platforms in order to communicate and maintain your personal brand as well as to show your enthusiasm about your field of expertise. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to share and stay informed about relevant content and news and to increase your base of followers and networking contacts. Various other channels like YouTube, SoundCloud or Tumblr allow you to share your work globally. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is about the quality of your content rather than being represented on as many platforms as possible. Concentrate your time and efforts on those channels which truly fit your brand and needs and be consistent across them.

Cut Through the Noise with Logo

A newcomer in this vein is This online tool lets you create a one-page profile showcasing what you do best. By hand picking the best examples of your work, you make sure that the content most relevant to your personal brand is brought together and elegantly displayed. The principle of is to put quality over quantity and therefore it allows you to cut through the noise of the array of social media networks, blogs and portfolio sites you might already have and promote the one thing you really do best, in one place, in the simplest and most visually appealing way.

Screenshot Dan

Due to the clean and elegant design, the attention is focused on the content of your personal profile. The service is still operating in beta, but it already supports a wide range of tools. For example, you can display your Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr stats and your Klout Score, embed YouTube videos and include links to past and current projects as well as media and press coverage, which are currently hidden somewhere on the internet. While other sites display your entire life, shows off what employers, admirers and new contacts are truly interested in: what you are really good at.

About the author

Stefanie Voelkel Stefanie Voelkel is supporting the team with its PR and Marketing activities. The online tool was founded in 2012 by tech entrepreneur Dan Jacobs and is based in the heart of London’s vibrant 'Tech City' in Shoreditch. The team aims to provide a service to help its users showcase their expertise online and promote themselves in the best way possible.