Personal Branding in Luxembourg – At The Intersection of Cultures


Personal Branding Across Cultures Blogathon – Day 3 / Emery Kaze:

personal branding Luxembourg In today’s economic climate and highly competitive landscape, we are, more than ever, in need of a tool to be more in control of our career and business. Personal branding is an extremely powerful tool to stand out and demonstrate our value to be ahead of the pack and open up doors and opportunities. It helps individuals to stand out in their companies, and entrepreneurs to promote their business and attract more clients.

Luxembourg is not an exception. Situated at the intersection of German, French and Belgian borders, Luxembourg hosts a significant international population. Over its 2,600 square kilometer area, where cultures meet in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is making its very first steps in personal branding, but at different speeds. While the international community and companies see opportunities in branding their employees, the local and cross-border companies are more skeptical about challenges and risks they perceive.

Some Start in Luxembourg

The HR services, staffing and placement industry, especially international groups, such as Galilei (a Randstad company), are pioneering in personal branding adoption in Luxembourg. They acknowledge the importance of personal branding as an essential strategic advantage tool in Luxembourg’s HR and job market. Some of them already started to offer to their candidates personal branding programs to help them stand out in their job search and throughout their professional careers.

Aware of the value of personal branding in personal and professional development, some business networking associations are joining the personal branding movement in Luxembourg. The Network, the women’s International Business and Professional Organization in Luxembourg, and ILA – Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs, that promotes the profession of Directors, are good examples. They highlight that business professionals need to improve their personal brand image and increase their personal impact. Both associations have recently introduced a personal branding training in their programs for their members.

Confusion in Local Companies

Many local culture companies in Luxembourg still have an incomplete vision of personal branding. They see personal branding as an opportunity to promote the corporate brand using certain employees that get promoted as external communicators on social medias. This understanding of personal branding, not only ignores one of its most precious values, which is the alignment of employees and corporate brands, and enhancement of employees loyalty, but also comes with a perception of false risks. Some of those are the loss of control, poaching of skills, non-alignment of personal and corporate objectives. These companies obviously become more reluctant at adopting personal branding for their employees.

Luxembourg is very active in promoting business networking and is very attractive to international / multinational companies. This creates a powerful mix and dynamic cultural transfer across its population. I believe that the coming few years will hopefully see a significant movement of personal branding adoption in Luxembourg. This will be led by the international companies, followed by the local and cross-border companies. Thanks to the proximity of cultures over a small land.



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