Personal Brand ‘Mechanic’ Interview: Dan Jacobs


Dan Jacobs has a tool to Curate Only the Best of Your Brand!

Dan JacobsAfter a short break in my Personal Brand Mechanics series, I am happy to bring you my latest mechanic of personal branding, Dan Jacobs.

Dan is Founder and CEO of, a new player in the online personal branding space. With so many platforms to choose from these days, it can be hard to decide which one will meet your needs. Dan feels that too many of these tools are loaded with ‘bells and whistles’ that the average person simply does not need. He created as a way to hand-pick the best examples of what you do to cut through the noise of multiple blogs, social networks and portfolio websites, and focus on the things that really prove you know your stuff. I actually featured a guest post in May about how can help your personal brand to cut through all the online noise.

I think it is refreshing to see a platform that is simple, crisp, clean, and more minimalist. Dan points out that this actually forces us to highlight only the relevant information about our personal brand and expertise. Here is mine!

In this interview Dan shares his thoughts on:

  • Why he started
  • How he differentiates from and
  • What he sees as the biggest mistake people make when branding themselves online

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Personal Brand ‘Mechanic’ Interview: Dan Jacobs


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