Personal Brand ‘Mechanics’ Interview: Anastasia Ashman


Learn Anastasia Ashman’s Formula for Your Global Niche!


Anastasia Ashman global nicheYou have to love the power of social media and the community it builds! Before we had Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. I probably never would have crossed paths with Anastasia Ashman. Actually, I was introduced to her via another social media contact who felt we would benefit from being connected. Sure enough, once I learned more about her I knew she had to be dubbed a Personal Brand Mechanic!

Anastasia (and I totally mess up the pronunciation of her name in the interview!) runs a site called  designed to help you “reach your offline goals with your online presence.” As a long-term expat, she had to learn from the ground up how to build a global life and work solutions to survive. Her years of experience led to the creation of a holistic approach in building one’s global niche, or what she also calls a ‘global personal brand’.

Her formula is simply:

Personal Discovery + Professional Expression = Your Global Niche

The foundation of her formula rests in the fact that each of us already has what we need to be successful and we can use it wherever we are.

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Personal Brand ‘Mechanics’ Interview: Anastasia Ashman


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