Personal Brand ‘Mechanic’ Interview: Santhosh Devati


 OneBio Changes the Landscape of Controlling Your Branded Bio Online 


photoSerial entrepreneur Santhosh Devati is my latest ‘mechanic’ of personal branding and he clearly fits the bill! Santhosh is creator and founder of, the latest online tools to help  build and maintain an online branded presence. When Santhosh first reached out to me to try out OneBio I was initially thinking that this tool would simply be just like the other profile tools out there. However, I quickly learned that the value-add that OneBio has is the ability to both aggregate AND control all your profiles in one place.

Santhosh will tell you he is a ‘problem solver.’  He realized people were actually damaging their personal brands with several versions of their bio on the web. So, as a problem solver he created a tool to help people manage their branded information easily and efficiently.


In Santhosh’s interview you will learn about:

  • the common connection between all his entrepreneurial ventures
  • why OneBio fills a major gap missing with other branded bio tools
  • the biggest mistake people make when branding themselves online
  • his advice to pump up your ‘flat’ personal brand.

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Personal Brand ‘Mechanic’ Interview: Santhosh Devati


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