4 Steps to Find the Perfect Name for Your Business


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There are some decisions you’ll make for your business that can easily be changed… like going to energy-saving light bulbs for example… you unscrew the old, screw in the new, and you’re done.

Changing the name of your business on the other hand is a decision that can cause a great deal of stress and rework… your website, links, materials, products, and you’ll even lose customers in the transition.

Having gone through this process before, I’m hoping my story and its tips can help you find a name for your business that represents what’s in your heart and attracts the customers you want to serve.


How To Choose a Name for Your Business that Grows With You from Schuyler Kaye on Vimeo.


4 Steps for You to Implement:


Step 1: Get clear on the “why” of your business.

Some of you have known this since you could walk, while for many, it can be an elusive question.

The example I gave to get you started was to ask yourself, “Are there underlying questions in your life that you strive to answer? Is your business yet another opportunity to answer those questions?

My Example: Wow, I remember conversation after conversation with my friends… usually late nights pondering what I’m meant to do. I have changed my mind so many times and spent so much time trying to be what other people wanted, but I want to find MY purpose. And YES, I created my business because I was tired of trying to fulfill my purpose during off hours.

Step 2: Think of a word that captures the essence of your “why.”

My Example: This idea of fulfilling a purpose keeps coming up. I think the word “purpose” really captures my mission in business… and life!

Step 3: Brainstorm word combinations with your friends, family, and even strangers at a café.

My Example:

Purpose Star

Practice Purpose

Purpose Project

Purpose Pays

Purpose Compass

Pay Your Purpose

Trailing Purpose 

Purpose Up

You get the idea…

Step 4: Take a few minutes each day to look over your list.

Eliminate the phrases that don’t resonate over time… Which ones draw your heart in?


Want learn a process that will help you become clear on your “why”?

The key to becoming clear and confident in your “why” comes from understanding and appreciating the journey that has gotten you where you are today… your story.

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About the author

Schuyler Kaye I help small business owners who want to make a difference, and need to attract more customers with their online presence. You see I’ve been in the business of branding since I decided being a short, fat, nerdy high schooler wasn’t the way to start college. After leaving a Fortune 100 Company, I found myself “dating” numerous business ideas at the same time hoping one would uncover my passion and grant the freedom of any lifestyle I chose. It didn’t work… In truth it was uncovering my story that revealed my purpose, and that clarity has effortlessly guided my business since. Now I help others use their story to build a business they love and that attracts the right customers.