About Peter Sterlacci

Peter SterlacciAs Japan’s first Reach-Certified Master Personal Branding Strategist, Peter Sterlacci is the pioneer of personal branding in Japan. His personal mission is to pioneer a ‘cultural shift one personal brand at a time’ by helping Japanese to stand-out in a global environment to be remarkable, not invisible!

Being a long-term resident in a country where ‘fitting in’ is the cultural norm, Peter intimately understands the challenges facing Japanese to ‘stand-out’ and is dedicated to empowering on-the-move careerists in global companies in Japan to ‘break away’ from the pack and ride to success. He is committed to introducing the leading global personal branding methodology from Reach Personal Branding to global companies, universities, and associations in Japan and adapting this message for the Japanese culture.

Peter Sterlacci capitalizes on his 22-year career in training and development spanning intercultural consulting, international outreach, and executive communication coaching. He has held management positions in a Fortune 100 company, a Silicon Valley start-up, and a major university. Peter holds a Masters in Education from Temple University.

Originally from Ossining, New York, Peter first lived in Japan from 1992–1999 and returned again in 2008 with his wife and daughter to his wife’s hometown in Kyoto. Having a bi-cultural family, Peter considers Japan as another home. His deep knowledge and appreciation of Japanese values and culture forms a strong bond of trust with his clients as he coaches them outside of their comfort zone to “shift gears, get out of the saddle, and sprint to career success.”


Peter’s personal branding approach taps into his strong passion and love for bicycling. He is an avid cyclist and often starts his days with a training ride in the mountains outside Kyoto. His own focus and determination in cycling has led him to the podium in many races, and he transfers this same commitment to achievement to those with whom he works. Peter’s idea for his business—BeYB‘ – Believe. Become. Be Your Brand—actually came to him on one of his early morning rides.

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