How To Use Colour To Build A Strong Visual Brand Identity


Brand ColorThere is an unbreakable bond that exists between a brand and its primary colour, or colour scheme. This is because colour provides an instantaneous way of portraying a message or meaning without using words.  Before any images, text or video, your customer will see colour. The red and yellow of McDonald’s, the purple of Cadbury or the red of Coca-Cola are as strong a signifier of the brand as any recipe, slogan or advertisement. So it is vital to exploit this link to achieve the strongest form of brand identity. [Read more…]

My Top 10 Kick Ass Posts of 2013



2013 started off with a bang – some great new clients, a handful of speaking gigs, another blogathon, a new eBook, and some really kick ass blog posts. Half way through the year some personal things in life took over and everything came to a screaming halt. I stopped blogging, clients stopped coming in, and I almost (just almost) packed up my business for good.

But as I sit here just eleven days into the New Year, I reflected on how kick ass 2012 was. I remembered blogging about my top 10 kick ass posts of 2012. These posts truly were amazing, so I took the time to read all of them again and it dawned on me:

“My successes and failures are completely in my hands and within my control. I can choice to pack it in, or I can choose to forge ahead.” [Read more…]

Protecting Your Brand in the Cyber Wild Wild West!


The internet is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions of modern times and has become the venue of choice for marketers the world over. However, as with most good things, opportunities also come with risks. The inherent qualities of anonymity, openness and split second reach make the Internet a lawless land, a kind of cyber Wild Wild West.

Because of the lack of a formal policing body, hijacking of your brand is a constant threat. These cyber pirates are not stupid. They realize the power of the brand that you have been building and know that it is very good for business, namely theirs. These gains come at the expense of marketers. [Read more…]

4 Ways to Leverage Your Brand Into Win-Win-Win Opportunities


winwinBuilding up your personal brand is vital to supporting the growth of your business. Sharing your knowledge, raising your visibility, and being seen as an expert in your field all help you stand out with your target market.

But developing your brand into a platform that supports others can be even more valuable to your business in the long-term. Just think, if you help at least one person in your network each week by showcasing them in some way, in a year you’ll have 52 stronger relationships.

More people ready, willing and able to help you means more potential opportunities you’ll hear about and be able to create. And this expands your platform even more. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Here are 4 ways to use your personal brand to shine the spotlight on others, and in turn, shine more brightly yourself: [Read more…]

10 Steps to Build Your Career through Personal Branding [Video]


For 5 days in October, Runa Magnusdottir hosted a special personal branding webinar. Five experts from five different countries shared their perspectives on how to transform your career with personal branding tips and tools. I was very fortunate to be one of these five people and gave a presentation with 10 steps to build your career through personal branding. Enjoy the presentation.

[Read more…]

Social Media: How It’s Changing the Roles of Athletes and Sport Fans


Football-twitterIt was only a few decades ago that professional athletes seemed to live unreachable lives. The only thing that sport fans could see was what was broadcasted during the game or on select TV and radio interviews.  And yet, there has always been a larger cry to really connect athletes and their fans.

While sports fans can still turn to the constant stream of sports coverage on ESPN and similar coverage, the new and revolutionary standard is social media.

Never before have we really been allowed inside the minds of athletes. And who knew we would be able to do so in 160 characters or less? [Read more…]

5 Reasons to do Your Online Homework before Creating a Business Relationship



Entering into a business agreement is a major decision – one that should not be entered into without a bit of due diligence and a healthy amount of skepticism where future associates are concerned. Part of online reputation management means performing thorough research. The Internet has made it easier than ever to get a fairly accurate overview of potential partners prior to signing an agreement.

Here are five reasons to take a look at someone’s online reputation before establishing a business relationship. [Read more…]

4 Steps to Find the Perfect Name for Your Business


company brand naming

There are some decisions you’ll make for your business that can easily be changed… like going to energy-saving light bulbs for example… you unscrew the old, screw in the new, and you’re done.

Changing the name of your business on the other hand is a decision that can cause a great deal of stress and rework… your website, links, materials, products, and you’ll even lose customers in the transition.

Having gone through this process before, I’m hoping my story and its tips can help you find a name for your business that represents what’s in your heart and attracts the customers you want to serve. [Read more…]

Personal Brand ‘Mechanic’ Interview: Santhosh Devati


 OneBio Changes the Landscape of Controlling Your Branded Bio Online 


photoSerial entrepreneur Santhosh Devati is my latest ‘mechanic’ of personal branding and he clearly fits the bill! Santhosh is creator and founder of, the latest online tools to help  build and maintain an online branded presence. When Santhosh first reached out to me to try out OneBio I was initially thinking that this tool would simply be just like the other profile tools out there. However, I quickly learned that the value-add that OneBio has is the ability to both aggregate AND control all your profiles in one place.

Santhosh will tell you he is a ‘problem solver.’  He realized people were actually damaging their personal brands with several versions of their bio on the web. So, as a problem solver he created a tool to help people manage their branded information easily and efficiently. [Read more…]

17 Expert Tips to Fix a ‘Flat’ Personal Brand


Does your personal brand have a flat?


In 2012 I started an interview series called ‘Personal Brand Mechanics’. I wanted to share with the world individuals who I felt had a tool box of ideas to help any one of us to build, maintain, and even repair our personal brands.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing 17 Personal Brand Mechanics. Each person shared amazing insight and practical advice. Although my questions were different for each ‘mechanic’, I did ask this one question to everyone:

“Imagine someone’s brand has a flat tire. What advice would you offer this person to pump up their tire so that their brand is ready to ride again?”

How did these 17 ‘mechanics’ answer this question? Below are their 17 tips to fix a ‘flat’ personal brand. Enjoy them, apply them to your personal brand, and share with others. Click on their name or photo to watch their full interview. [Read more…]