One of Guy Kawasaki’s famous 10 Rules for Revolutionaries is to “Eat like a bird and poop like an elephant!”

The basic idea here is that once we gather incredible information, we should spread it around as much as possible. I am happy to spread around the curated content of some amazing experts and thought leaders in the following eBooks.

Enjoy and all I ask is that once you have eaten these resources please poop them like an elephant! Spread the word!


1. International Blogathon eBook: Personal Branding Across Cultures

PBAC eBook cover

Personal branding was born as a ‘western’ concept. The culture in the US, for example, empowers individuals to use personal branding in the way it was meant to be used – understand what is authentic, differentiating, and compelling about you and consistently apply this to your life.

Can this work in other cultures? After all, people are people and we all have a unique value we bring to the world. Don’t we? Yet, do deeply rooted cultural values and expectations create barriers that prevent personal branding from being embraced around the world?

I have spent the past 3 years trying to bring personal branding into the Japanese culture. It has been a challenge to say the least. I wanted to know if others were experiencing challenges as well. Hence, the motivation to recruit a handful of international experts to analyze the role of personal branding in different cultures.

In all 18 cultures represented in this eBook barriers to personal branding exist. However, the seeds for personal branding have been planted around the world and have taken root!


The book is FREE. Simply click here for your copy and enjoy!



2. 30x30x30 Blogathon eBook: A Personal Branding Tour


In June 2012, thirty thought-leaders decided to join a blogathon – the ’30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon. Over 30 days I curated and shared a new post each day from a different author. My criteria were simple: share anything you want as long as there was a connection to personal branding. The result was nothing short of spectacular.

As a cyclist, I likened this blogathon to a cycling tour. Each day we rode a different route, but we all had the same destination in mind. This eBook represents our final destination. It is meant to be a guide to help you on your personal branding journey by giving you 30 days of amazing thought leadership.

Feel free to approach it from the viewpoint of 30 individual “rides” each with its own special route. Enjoy a ride and come back another day to ride a different route with a new lesson to learn from a new ride leader. Or, saddle up, grab your water bottles and start the “Grand Tour” by cycling through all 30 amazing days.


The book is FREE. Simply click here for your copy and enjoy!