Build Your Personal Brand in 10 Steps – Video 3


Building your personal brand requires work – some hard work! The good news is that I have mapped out a clear 10-step process to start building your brand from today. Learn these 10 steps through this 5-part ‘personal branding with a spin’ series. Here is video 1 and video 2 .

In video #3 I cover the following steps:


  • Step 3: Create your personal brand statement

3 Ways to Engage Customers with Your Personal Brand


bigstock-Customer-satisfaction-concept-36482329Interaction with customers has always been an important factor in success and changes in technology has allowed businesses and individuals to improve and explore news way of customer engagement. Customer engagement drives higher loyalty and customer loyalty increases sales.

Back when technology had not impacted the business world, the people in charge had full control in the way they engaged with customers. It would happen in a structured and defined way; a newsletter would be sent out to inform customers of updates.

However, today’s technology allows engagement on different platforms which makes interaction with customers more interesting and effective.

When you are promoting your personal brand, being ‘personal’ with your target audience is very important therefore taking use of these technological changes will ensure your communication efficient and impactful. Here are some suggestions: [Read more…]

5 Press Release Mistakes Fatal to Your Personal Brand


BeYB welcomes another awesome guest post from Richard Knobbs!

Richard Knobb’s previous guest post on  5 ways a press release can boost your personal brand was a hit. So, I have asked him to share his insight on common mistakes he has found in press releases that are FATAL to your personal brand. Take note of these and do your best to avoid them like the plague! If these two guest posts on press releases have been helpful, I recommend picking up Richard’s eBook Attention! The art of creating attention-grabbing press releases available on Amazon. Click here to get your copy.  [Read more…]

5 Ways a Press Release Can Boost Your Personal Brand


BeYB welcomes a guest post from Richard Knobbs!

I first featured Richard Knobbs on my site in my 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon in June 2012.  His post, A Minimalist Approach to Personal Branding, was a hit and I encourage you to give it a read. I am pleased to have Richard as a guest once again. Richard is a writer, brand consultant, and designer. I love what he says on his about page: “I’m obsessed with details, love bikes, writes compulsively, drink tea, ride skateboard and surfboards very badly, read insatiably, and cooks pretty well.”  AWESOME personal branding! Richard also knows a lot about writing damn good press releases. So, I will feature two guest posts on the power of press releases for personal branding.

[Read more…]

Why Your Brand Communication is Like a Bicycle Wheel


36856Many people know me as ‘the personal branding guy on the bicycle’ so I like to visualize a brand communication as the wheels on a bicycle. Without wheels a bicycle cannot move! Likewise, a brand communication plan allows your personal brand to move forward and continue your ride to career and life success. Let’s take a closer look at a the parts of a bicycle wheel and how they relate to your personal brand communication wheel. [Read more…]

10 Actions to Update Your Personal Brand for 2013

New Year's Resolutions, list of itemsSo how many of you have started thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions for 2013? Isn’t it about time you got a move on this?  Aren’t you ready to proudly broadcast to your family and friends that you are gong to lose weight, work out more, read more, or just be a “better” person? But let me ask you the all important question:

Have you really ever stuck to these resolutions? Come on be honest!

Resolutions are basically a silly cultural ritual we go through each year. As if this year is really going to be any different and you will actually lose that 10 pounds, or workout 4 days a week, or read a new book every month. Give it up. [Read more…]

Your Brand is Based on a True Story


30x30x30 Blogathon Post #25:  June 25th – Walter Akana

On Day 25 of the Personal Branding Blogathon I am happy to have my good friend and fellow Reach colleague Walter Akana share his insight on the power of tapping into your story to communicate your personal brand. Walter is committed to helping his clients use story in their brand discovery process and he sees story as the DNA of our brand. His about page on his website is a great example of how he has personally used story to communicate his own brand.

Enjoy Walter’s post and tell us your story! [Read more…]

“Where’s the Beef” in Your Blog? Here Are 22 ‘Beefy’ Ideas!

Are Your Blog Posts all Fluff and no Meat?

Is blogging part of your personal brand communication plan? Do you struggle to find content to blog about? Today I was struggling. I was simply at a loss. In my own personal brand communication plan, I set a goal to to blog 1 time per week on my own blog and 1 time as a guest on other blogs. Generally I can stick to this goal. Recently, however, I am finding that by focusing on the specific number of times I blog each week, I am falling into the trap of posting content just for the sake of posting content. I ask myself, am I blogging just to check it off my ‘to do’ list each week?  Clearly this is not the goal and I am running the risk of diluting my personal brand when people read my post and contact me to ask, “Where’s the beef?”

22 Ways to ‘Beef-Up’ Your Blog Posts

Your blog posts need to have both a fluffy title to grab your readers attention and beefy content to keep them satisfied. As I was trying to find the right thing to blog about today, Brian Clark at Copyblogger came to the rescue with a recent post and infographic highlighting 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue. [Read more…]