Vlogathon ‘Round-Up': The Power of We


How many times have we heard the expression, “There is no I in team!” Well, I recently saw this funny drawing where the ‘I’ in team has been found!

But in all seriousness, how can we have a team without the diversity of each person, of each ‘I’? In their book The Start-up of You, LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha say that ‘I’ versus ‘We’ is a false choice. It’s really both, or what they refer to as “I to the Power of We”. In other words, your success depends on both your individual capabilities and your network’s ability to magnify them. 
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Vlogathon Day 30: ‘I’ to the Power of ‘We’


Vlogathon Day 30: September 30th – Your’s Truly

Peter Sterlacci Headshot 1WOW! Hard to believe that 30 days ago I launched my 30-day Personal Branding Vlogathon. Today is the final day and I am honored to wrap up this amazing journey with my own video post. Let me say how THANKFUL I am to the 29 other people who participated this past month. I am truly blown away by the kick-ass content everyone shared each day. YOU ALL ROCK! In my video, I share something called “I to the Power of We”. This vlogathon exemplifies this concept perfectly. Each of our individual brands are powered by the ‘we’, or the community and network around us that enables our personal brands to grow and thrive. Remember, personal branding is not just about ‘me’ but more much more about ‘we’.

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Vlogathon Day 29: Personal Branding, Not Always so Personal!


Vlogathon Day 29: September 29th – Catharine Fennell

We are almost at the close of the Vlogathon and I am totally psyched to have Catharine Fennell, videoBIO Founder and CEO, contribute her insight. When I had the idea for this Vlogathon I immediately approached Catharine to ask if videoBIO could play some role. She immediately offered to be the Vlogathon sponsor and provide FREE access to videoBIO’s DIY tool as the video platform. I am so grateful for everything Catharine’s team at videoBIO has done to make this Vlogathon a huge success. In her video below, Catharine shares why personal branding may not always be so personal. She states that while a personal brand represents you as a person we really need to treat it more as a ‘professional’ brand online. Catharine offers 3 principles to follow when managing your professional brand while still being personal!

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Vlogathon Day 28: Create a Following by Getting Naked


Vlogathon Day 28: September 28th – Jeff Harmon

I am happy to welcome Jeff Harmon to Day 28 of the Vlogathon. Jeff is founder of Brilliance Within Coaching and Consulting and supports his clients in developing a strong foundation that propels them towards their vision. Jeff is quick to share how much he loves being a coach and watching his clients grow in ways they never could have expected or accomplished on their own. In his video below, Jeff shares his insight from Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni and how it can help to define one’s personal brand. He emphasizes that a naked approach will create greater loyalty to your brand. Jeff tells us that when we are willingly naked then we are comfortable in our own skin and others embrace this transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability. Do you want to be naked? Watch and learn how.

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Vlogathon Day 27: Be Relentless About Name Domination 


Vlogathon Day 27: September 27th – Jacob Young

Jacob Young is my guest for the 27th Day of the 30-day Personal Branding Vlogathon. Jacob was introduced to me by  Courtney Jones of videoBIO and I am psyched to have his thought leadership as part of the vlogathon. Jacob has managed marketing and online reputation accounts for many A-list celebrities, high-profile individuals, and Fortune 500 companies. What’s in a name? Jacob will tell you EVERYTHING! In his video below, he emphasizes that a brand needs to Be Relentless About Name Domination! He makes a very compelling point why optimizing your personal name is so crucial to any personal branding process. You may want  to known as ‘The best ‘x‘ in town”, but if nobody knows your name your will simply remain invisible. Visit Jacob’s site, Jacob Young Enterprises, to learn more about the incredible work he is doing.

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Vlogathon Day 26: Personal Branding Begins at Home


Vlogathon Day 26: September 26th – Kimunya Mugo

The final week of the 30-day Personal Branding Vlogathon continues on Day 26 with a video from Kimunya Mugo. Kimunya was a guest blogger for my blog this past July and wrote a superb post called Leading Through Teaching and Inspiration. Based on Kenya, he is passionate about leadership and sustainable development. But what I have learned about Kimunya is that he is the most passionate about his family and being the best parent he can be. In his video below, Kimunya tells us that personal branding begins at home with the family. He passionately explains why the family brand is a significant influence on how children’s personal brands evolve over time. Kimunya told me he was nervous about being part of the Vlogathon, but if you ask me he is a natural. I hope he continues to share his powerful messages via video. Make sure to visit Kimunya’s blog Lead by Choice.

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Vlogathon Day 25: Brand Y.O.U.™ – How to Leverage Your ‘It’ Factor


Vlogathon Day 25: September 25th – Rasheryl McCreary

Rasheryl McCreary runs TAO Leadership and is my special guest for the 25th Day of the Vlogathon. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rasheryl for her radio program The Leader and The Muse this past August. Now I am pleased to feature Rasheryl as my guest for the 30-day personal branding vlogathon. Rasheryl is both a certified leadership coach and personal branding strategist who has worked with over 1,000 leaders to unearth, communicate, and leverage their authenticity to drive business and personal success. In her video below, Rasheryl walks you through her Brand Y.O.U.™ program – Brand Your Own Uniqueness – and it’s 4-step process to excavate, clarify, embody and leverage your ‘It’ factor, or as Rasheryl calls it “your secret sauce”!

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Vlogathon Day 24: Who’s ‘Belaying’ Your Success?

Vlogathon Day 24: September 24th – Todd Nielsen

The final week of the 30-day Personal Branding Vlogathon is here and who better in my mind to kick it off then Todd Nielsen. You may be familiar with Todd as he was the inspiration for my 30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon this past June. His post on Day 1 of the Blogathon, Screw Dents I’m Aiming for an Immense Gaping Hole, has gone viral with close to 1600 tweets alone since its publication. Todd is a leadership expert with a particular focus on execution. His blog A Slice of Leadership is consistently ranked as one of the top leadership blogs in the world. His passion is to help others create miracles in their lives through the power of execution. Todd is also passionate about climbing and in his video below he shares a personal story about a climbing experience that has a significant lesson in life. Learn how he relates the concept of ‘belaying’ from the world of climbing to personal and professional performance. After all, to successfully execute your own climb to success your belay must be on!

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Vlogathon Day 23: How to Find the Story of Your Brand


Vlogathon Day 23: September 23rd – Schuyler Kaye

Day 23 of the Personal Branding Vlogathon is here and I am really excited to have Schuyler Kaye contributing his insight. Schuyler runs a really cool company called T4Execs where he focuses on the power of story to help executives to brand themselves. I was first introduced to Schuyler because of his amazing infographic called Superhero Branding for Ordinary People. I absolutely love his message here so definitely check it out. In his video below, Schuyler offers a 3 exercises to help you find the story of your brand. He shares some powerful examples where stories have been used to communicate an important message including Mother Goose and The Bible. Apply these 3 exercises to your personal branding process and your story will be told!

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Vlogathon Day 22: Discovering Your Why – The First Step to Building a Personal Brand


Vlogathon Day 22: September 22nd – Jean-Marc Dedeyne

Jean-Marc Dedeyne is my guest for Day 22 of the Personal Branding Vlogathon. I have tremendous respect for Jean-Marc because his company, U in the USA, is enabling international students to achieve their career goals in the USA by defining and demonstrating their unique business values to the right decision makers. Like me, Jean-Marc has been inspired by Simon Sinek and his idea that we all must start with WHY. In other words, it is our WHY that drives us and ultimately inspires those around us. In his video below, Jean-Marc starts by asking a critical question – “Do you like your job or do you love your job?” He reminds us to find our WHY because at the end of the day people don’t buy what we do – they buy WHY we do it. Learn his 3-step process to discover your why!

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