Why Bicycling?

Cycling through the brand identity of Peter Sterlacci

Brand Attributes

People often describe me as: Confident, Self-assured, Physically fit, Organized, Collaborative, International, and Intelligent. Phrases that demonstrate my attributes include: “He knows what he wants and goes after it.” “It doesn’t matter what road he is on, he will get there.” “He is great at getting others on board.” “He is a team player and listens without judging.”

Brand Strengths

I’m goal-oriented and use all my perseverance and personal drive to reach the finish line. At the same time, I value teamwork and building partnerships to accomplish a goal. My self confidence and energy inspires others to capitalize on their talents and strengths.

Brand Imagery

Kiba PodiumGrowing up I was never attracted to sports. Actually, I dreaded anything to do with competition and was not an active person at all. I was a chubby, geeky kid! However, some years later when a friend introduced me to mountain biking, I got hooked! I found a sport I loved and that I was actually good at! My weekly fun rides eventually turned into a passion for training and racing. The kid who dreaded competition was now craving it! Jumping on any bicycle became my healthy escape, my stress release, my nirvana. Naturally, it made sense for my brand image to be geared toward cycling. My focus and determination in cycling has led me to the podium in many races, and I transfer this same commitment to achievement to everyone with whom I work. By using cycling imagery my clients become motivated to shift gears, get out of the saddle, and sprint to success!

Color Palette

Peter Sterlacci's brand color inspirationThis photo of the towering ‘white’ snow-capped ‘taupe’ mountain against a bright ‘blue’ cloudless sky with a ‘red’ and white bicycle signpost in the foreground captures my color palette perfectly: white, red, blue, and taupe.

White White is the color of strength, purity, and perfection and symbolizes my own desire to maximize strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. Because of my focus on strengths, I seek roles in which I help others to succeed. The basis of my work is helping my clients to identify and capitalize on their unique strengths rather than fixing weaknesses. I seek to transform something strong into something superb!

Red Red symbolizes energy and action. It also encompasses my most important personal value—passion. Having passion for what I do enables me to pedal forward. I have a natural drive for action, and the prospect of what lies ahead motivates me. This energy creates momentum when I work with others. Of course, we celebrate what we have achieved, but our focus is on the route we have mapped ahead. The red circle around the bicycle image is coincidentally a nod to Reach’s logo, the organization that certified me as personal branding strategist.

Blue Blue is a calming, soothing color and is the perfect contrast to my Red’s energy and passion. My blue comes out in my communication and collaboration with others. I actively listen and keep an open flow of communication. This enables me to work comfortably across a wide range of styles, personalities, and cultures. While I am active and driven, I balance this well with my ability to form a comfortable bond of trust with my clients as I coach them outside their comfort zone to identify their unique promise of value. And as a cyclist, I find a calming blue sky actually energizes the body and soul.

Taupe Taupe enables all my other colors to stand out, and standing out is exactly what I am helping my clients to do by unearthing their personal brand. Another one of my personal values, balance, is captured in the meaning of taupe. Work/life balance is so important to me as I work to live, not live to work! Of course, balance is the essence of cycling, as without balance you cannot ride. To quote Albert Einstein, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Logo and Tagline

To borrow another quote from Albert Einstein, on the theory of relativity he said, “I thought of that while riding my bicycle.” Riding a bicycle in the mountains surrounded by nature can certainly lead to inspiration as it did for me. The idea for my logo and tag line “Believe. Become. Be Your Brand” actually came to me while riding my bicycle on the outskirts of my home in Kyoto, Japan. I wanted my logo to somehow capture this idea of a 3-stage process of believing, becoming, and being; hence the small “3” as a superscript to the word “Be.” Kind of like ‘Be to the power of 3’! The final goal of personal branding is to “Be” Your Brand and the word “be” is also part of the words “believe” and “become.” I choose the colors of my logo so that “Be” stands out, which is a perfect match for what I do as a personal branding strategist—helping you to stand out by being your brand.


Taking a forward-thinking, global approach to career management it made sense to use Calibri, a modern sans serif, as a font for my brand identity. Its proportions allow for high impact, while its curves reveal a warm character. Well rounded, interesting, and balanced—perfect for “personal branding with a spin.”