My Partners

  • Do you need a logo, illustration, website, or blog designed?
  • Are you interested in having your own videoBIO or multimedia pitch for your personal brand?
  • Do you need a branded landing page or banner for your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google+ profiles?
  • Are you looking for an international event planner to promote your seminars?
  • Are you a solopreneur looking for a collaborative space to work?

Peter Sterlacci partners with the following organizations for logo creation, illustration, website design, video / multimedia production, event planning, and co-working.  Depending on your branding needs we can include these in your complete Personal Branding Tour or for stand alone consulting services.

Event Design

WASABI Creation is an innovative, international event design company based in Japan. They believe in creating revolutionary and attractive events by combining creative design, effective communication, and the latest technology.






Global Coworking Space

47RONIN is a residential & coworking space for global innovators, entrepreneurs, artists & change makers from Japan and around the world.

47Ronin Logo






Logos & Illustration

Khyrstyne at SevenThirteen Creative, Inc. uses a 5-step collaborative process to design the logo or illustration that speaks to your brand!





Websites, Blogs, & Social Media Branding

Kirsten Vernon (formerly Dixson) and her team use a comprehensive customized approach to design the website, blog, and online career-management tools you will need to raise the visibility and crediblity for your personal brand!









Multimedia Production

GJSchaaff Media uses a personalized approach to creating a multimedia video capturing the music, camera angles, audio clips, and imagery to promote your unique story.




As a certified videoBIO producer, Peter Sterlacci uses videoBIO’s proven video scripting, production, and capturing tools to help you promote your personal brand clearly and confidently on video.