Peter Sterlacci, a Reach-Certified Keynote Presenter, provides keynotes and presentations to organizations in Japan about using personal branding and online reputation management to enhance career success. The first Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategist in Japan, Peter is passionate about introducing the leading global personal branding methodology to global companies, universities, and associations in Japan and adapting the message for the Japanese culture.

His customized presentations address such questions as:

  •  What is Personal Branding and why it is a critical need in Japan?
  •  How can you uncover your Personal Brand?
  •  How can you leverage your Personal Brand for career success within your global organization?
  •  How does your Personal Brand contribute to the corporate brand?
  •  What is the business case for Personal Branding?

Contact Peter Sterlacci to discuss a customized personal branding presentation for your organization in Japan or to explore integrating personal branding into the agenda of your established internal people development/talent management program(s).

Downloads for Meeting Planners

Peter KonanPrez1Peter Sterlacci’s Speaking One-Sheet (descriptions of three most popular presentations)

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Peter’s Speaking Bio/Introduction: Japan’s Personal Branding Pioneer, Peter Sterlacci speaks about using personal branding to enhance success. As a long-term resident of Japan—where “fitting in” is the cultural norm—Peter intimately understands the challenges facing Japanese to “stand-out” and is dedicated to empowering on-the-move careerists in global companies in Japan to “break away” from the pack and ride to success. Certified in Personal Branding by the global leader, Reach, Peter has adapted this proven methodology for Japanese audiences. He also capitalizes on his 21-year career in training and development and his passion for cycling in his powerful messaging.


What People are Saying:


Knowledge Salon -5002“Peter combines not only an overview of how personal marketing is important for the career development of students, but also gives the students concrete steps to take on how to create their own brand, and then improve their online visibility and their online profile. For a company event or a class setting like mine, Peter is a wonderful guest speaker.” – Dr. Stephen Zurcher, Professor of Management, Kansai Gaidai University

“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Peter speak to two different professional groups. He gives an engaging and practical presentation that underlines the importance of managing your personal brand both on- and off-line. We all have a Unique Promise of Value waiting to be uncovered and Peter’s presentation is a welcome springboard to the discovery process.” – Mary Anne Jorgensen, Leadership Development Trainer

“We were delighted to have Peter Sterlacci come to our campus and talk to our students. We received lots of positive feedback on the applicability and importance of the issues raised by Mr. Sterlacci. His ideas were especially powerful as students are currently involved in job hunting and aggressively looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. We hope to invite Peter back many times in the future.”  – Brent Jones, Director, Hirao School of Management, Konan University

“Peter’s speech on personal branding was both informative and inspiring, urging all of us to have our own brand, our own Inc. Besides helping us to change perception, Peter also shared many insightful ideas and useful and accessible tools to kickstart our self branding effort, especially in creating a personal online presence that is positive, authentic, and compelling.” – Cheuk Fung Tong, Director, Knowledge Salon International

“You are unique. You are different. You will need to be yourself and brand yourself. I think about it all the time. I only wish that I had Peter Sterlacci’s input earlier.”Akio ‘Arthur’ Matsumoto, Entrepreneur

“As an MBA student I was aware of the importance of my own brand, but I didn’t do any specific actions to improve. What Mr. Sterlacci presented was a “set of levers” that you can use not only to “sell yourself” better, but also to understand how people think of you! He backed up his presentation with impressive examples and gave us tips for quick improvement! I think this was one of the most influential lectures in my life.”Ivan Petrov, MBA candidate, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business