Vlogathon Day 30: ‘I’ to the Power of ‘We’


Vlogathon Day 30: September 30th – Your’s Truly

Peter Sterlacci Headshot 1WOW! Hard to believe that 30 days ago I launched my 30-day Personal Branding Vlogathon. Today is the final day and I am honored to wrap up this amazing journey with my own video post. Let me say how THANKFUL I am to the 29 other people who participated this past month. I am truly blown away by the kick-ass content everyone shared each day. YOU ALL ROCK! In my video, I share something called “I to the Power of We”. This vlogathon exemplifies this concept perfectly. Each of our individual brands are powered by the ‘we’, or the community and network around us that enables our personal brands to grow and thrive. Remember, personal branding is not just about ‘me’ but more much more about ‘we’.

Enjoy my video and let me know what you think by commenting below! [Read more…]

Inspire the “Geek” or “Freak” in Your Children


Last week I came back to my hometown in Ossining New York for a 2-week visit with family. Great to be home for Father’s Day, my Mom’s birthday, and my sister’s birthday – scoring some big points with the family!

Of course I have a bicycle stored at my parents house! So while I was out for a quick bicycle ride today I happened to pass by my old elementary school and take a quick break.

My break turned into a ‘ride’ down memory lane. As I walked around the school ground something dawned on me so I decided to record this quick video for all the parents (and future parents) out there.  [Read more…]

The Ins & Outs of Branding Yourself Internationally


I had the pleasure and honor of being a guest on World Talk Radio, Marketing Matters, hosted by Yasmin Anderson-Smith.

Even though it was 1:00am Japan time for my interview, I was eager to be on the program and answer Yasmin’s questions about how you can strategically communicate and manage your personal brand across cultures so that you can stand out, yet still fit in.

Personal branding is about authenticity and being yourself. Yet, to maintain successful business relationships across cultures, you may need to ‘dial-up’ or ‘dial-down’ your brand depending on the cultural context.

Using my experience in Japan as a backdrop, I offered advice on how to express a personal brand that overcomes cultural barriers and builds up powerful relationships for international success.

Click here or on the image below to listen to the interview

The Ins & Outs of Branding Yourself Internationally















Blogging Cultures in Japan and India

For our May joint-post Dr. Amit and I chose to discuss the blogging culture in India and Japan and how blogging plays a role in personal branding.

Blogging Japanese Style

While the Japanese may have been slower at embracing social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, they quickly jumped on board to blogging when it became popular in the country from 2002. Since then, Japanese have slightly edged out English in becoming the dominant language of the blogosphere. Pretty amazing considering that English speakers worldwide outnumber Japanese speakers by over 5 to 1. Here are some interesting factoids about blogging in the Land of the Rising Sun.

  • While 40% of English-language bloggers blog to raise their visibility as thought-leaders, only 5% of Japanese bloggers are motivated by the same reason.
  • Americans blog to stand out, make a point, or complain. Japanese blog to fit in and keep a record of their thoughts.
  • Compared with Americans, Japanese write at less length but write much more often.
  • Japanese are 5 times as likely as Americans, the British or French to read a blog every week, but less likely to actually act on what they read.
  • Japan is the largest and most active blogging culture in their world with 37% of the world’s blog posts being in Japanese.

These facts are interesting for sure, but another cultural behavior ingrained in Japanese from a young age has had a more direct impact on their blogging culture. [Read more…]

Are Japanese and Indians Effectively Using Twitter for Personal Branding?

For our February post Dr. Amit and I chose to discuss the role of Twitter in India and Japan as well as tips on how to successfully manage your brand using Twitter.


View from Japan: Is Japan the Twitter Nation?  

Last year I read an article calling Japan “The Twitter Nation”. Recent data clearly supports this. The number of Japanese internet users who tweet is close to 17% surpassing Americans at about 10%. Twitter also estimates that Japanese write nearly 8 million tweets a day, which is close to 14% of the global total!  Twitter really gained credibility in the country after the massive earthquake and tsunami devastated the Tohoku region on 3/11/11.  New users flocked to the network for real-time information about the nuclear crisis, blackouts, and aftershocks.  Now with the huge number of users in Japan, workshops are cropping up helping individuals to learn the tricks of the tweet as well as companies to use the platform to reach consumers and get feedback.

Clearly the personal and corporate branding potential for Twitter is huge in Japan.  Here are 5 quick Twitter tips I share with my clients in Japan. [Read more…]

Video Interview: How to Build Your Brand

I had the pleasure of Jorgen Sundberg interviewing me about personal branding, cultural differences in Japan and the US, how to use social media and LinkedIn for Japanese, what the common branding pitfalls are, and my best 3 tips to personal branding.


Jorgen Sundberg is a Social Media trainer and consultant specializing in LinkedIn, online branding and recruitment. He is the founder and director of Link Humans, a Social Media consultancy based in London and Paris. Jorgen is a prolific blogger, he started The Undercover Recruiter blog in 2009 and it’s now the most popular career and recruitment blog in the UK with 75,000 readers per month.  He also runs three cool meetups in London – the main one being Social Media London.

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Video: Personal Branding Myths in Japan – Part 3

This video is the third in a 4-part series covering personal branding myths I have encountered in Japan and how I work with my Japanese clients to ‘bust’ these myths to embrace the power of their personal brands!  Let me know what you think and share your comments below.

Myth #3:  Just work hard and you will be naturally rewarded!



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