The ‘Online Sprint’


A Program to Build Your Online Personal Brand!

Reputation management has moved online and your online identity will surely impact your success. Over 80 million people are Googled each day and employers are making decisions about you based on what Google reveals. What will the world see about you? Are you digitally disguised or digitally distinct? Do you have any digital dirt?  Managing your virtual reputation is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an essential element of career and business success.


As a Reach-Certified Online Identity Strategist, Peter Sterlacci uses a customized 4-step process to evaluate, diagnose, plan, implement, and measure your identity and reputation online.  After completing this program you will:


  • Develop a highly differentiated, consistent and attractive online brand presence
  • Increase online visibility to communicate a consistent, powerful, on-brand image
  • Use Web 2.0 features to bridge real world and virtual world activities
  • Maintain a stellar online profile through ongoing assessment and refinements

Step 1: Personal Brand Discovery

Understand your personal brand to serve as the foundation of your online identity.

  • 360Reach Personal Brand Survey
  • 360Reach video coaching module
  • Comprehensive 20-page summary report of your 360Reach results and recommendations
  • Workbook and activities to define vision, purpose, goals, values, passions, competitive differentiation, and target audience
  • Two customized product deliverables including your own:
    • Personal Brand Statement
    • 1-page Branded Bio

Step 2: Online Brand Evaluation and Diagnosis 

  • Evaluation report of your current online identity
  • Customized diagnosis of your online volume, relevance, purity, and diversity

Step 3: Online Brand Plan and Implementation

  • Step-by-step plan for online brand distribution and  promotion via social media, video, blogs, thought-leadership sites, niche portals, press releases, etc.
  • Selection of one marketing activity to serve as 12 months of online content

‘ADD-ON’ SERVICES to promote your online brand are available through our partners:

  • Website and blog design
  • videoBIO production
  • Branded social media design for Facebook page, Twitter background, YouTube channel, Google+ profile

Step 4: Online Brand Measurement

  • Follow-up measurement report of your online identity 1-month after implementation
Typical time to complete ‘The Online Sprint': 4 weeks
Investment: 75,000 yen  (‘Add-on’ services listed in Step 3 are not included in this timeline and cost)

Contact me to order the ‘The Online Sprint’ ride!


Optional Ongoing Coaching

Once you have established your brand on the World Wide Web, your work to ensure a stellar online identity has just begun. Your Google results can change overnight, therefore it is critical to continuously review, evaluate and revise content.

Hire Peter Sterlacci on a quarterly retainer basis to:
  • Track, analyze and understand changes to your Google results
  • Propose modifications to your online branding plan to improve your online identity
  • Augment content to enhance your online identity (this could be new content added to existing web sites or to entirely new sites as appropriate
  • Implement changes and additions to ensure a positive, powerful brand on the World Wide Web
  • Refine search engine optimization

Investment:  Billed quarterly at 25,000 yen per quarter