‘Group’ Rides


Peter Sterlacci provides interactive workshops to groups in Japan about using personal branding and online reputation management to enhance career success. He can also integrate personal branding into the agenda of your established internal people development/talent management program(s).

‘Group Ride’ Workshops are in half-day formats and include a workbook, handouts and presentation slides.



Current ‘Group Ride’ workshops include:

  • Group Ride A: Believe. Become. Be Your Brand!  3-stages to a Powerful Personal Brand

    This interactive, hands-on workshop will walk you through a 3-stage process to uncover, communicate, and manage the unique Brand that is YOU! We work together to understand how to uncover your personal brand and develop a brand communication plan to manage your brand so that you can stand out and experience all the benefits of a powerful personal brand.

  • Group Ride B: 360Reach: Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

    To succeed in today’s dynamic work environment, employees need to be aware of the unique value they bring to an organization. 360°Reach is the leading web-based personal brand assessment used by 20% of the Fortune 500 as part of their talent development processes. 360°Reach helps your employees understand their personal brand attributes, strengths, and leadership competencies so they can engage themselves more passionately in their jobs and your business. 360°Reach is focused on development, not appraisal. It ensures respondents anonymity, so users can be confident in the feedback they receive. Peter Sterlacci is certified by Reach to deliver this assessment and help you take action in your job and organization from the feedback you receive.

    In this workshop you will go through a step-by-step process to analyze the results of your 360Reach assessment and leave with an action plan to increase your engagement, personal impact, motivation, confidence and self-awareness.

    Note:  In addition to the half-day workshop fee, an additional 5,500 yen per participant is required for log-in access to the 360Reach assessment tool.  As it will take 3-4 weeks for participants to collect their 360Reach feedback results and report before the workshop, please consider when scheduling this program.

  • Group Ride C: Using Social Media to Build Brand You

    This workshop is a step-by-step training covering how to communicate and leverage your personal brand across social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. By the end of the program you will have created effective personal profiles and branded bios to use on all your social media accounts.

  • Group Ride D: 5-steps to Manage Your Brand Online

    Have you googled yourself to see how the world sees you? Are digitally distinct or digitally disguised? In this workshop you will learn 5-steps to evaluate, diagnosis, plan, implement, and measure your online identity. You will leave with practical tips to increase the power of your own profile and visibility online for greater personal and business success.

P&G6Half-Day Workshop Format

Length: 3.5 hours

Participants: Maximum of 40 per group

Investment: 190,000 yen (Note: Travel and travel related expenses will be added to the total cost)



Discounted rates available for educational institutions and non-profit organizations

Customized Training:

Interested in a full-day workshop or a series of workshops customized to a specific team, department, or work group? Contact Peter Sterlacci today to discuss a customized personal branding workshop for your organization or to explore integrating personal branding into the agenda of your established internal people development/talent management program(s).